How to Sanitize all your equipment –

I will make a gallon batch of santizer solution and pull  it thru as if I am doing a normal transfer. This allows the solution to sanitize all my hoses and empties in the receiving carboy. I then will shake and or swirl the carboy to sanitize it  – all using the same solution, and then discard that solution.

Never rinse after sanitizing as it will defeat the entire process of what you are trying to achieve.  Using a handheld spritzing device (hand sprayer) is also a good container to hold your sanitizing solution. This will last several weeks in this as it is not exposed to air. This is very useful to spray down your equipment – like the outside of your racking cane, benches, hydrometer, thermometer and soo much more.


Note ; for sanitizing your bottling equipment

Please follow the same process as above and replace the word carboy with wine bottle


There are many different type of sanitizing solutions to fit your needs – here are just a few

Sodium metabisulphite and potassium metabisulphite



Take a look at this article for more detailed information – click here