Bottling homemade wine is actually fun now using the Allinonewinepump !


Wine bottling

Simply leave the full carboy on the floor and place your bottles on a table or a bench above the carboy height. I recommend using a milk crate or something similar to hold your bottles upright while filling them. Placing a desktop light behind the bottles makes it easier to see those darker bottles to see where the liquid height in the bottle.

First hook up all necessary hoses – the red taped end will attach to the red taped tube on the bottle filler. There is a red line on the bottle filler tube – if you cover the line the wine filling process will be much faster and if you pull back the tubing to keep the red line exposed the filling process will be slower but more controllable, especially for first timers.

The other tube goes to your racking cane and then to you wine source. You can use your own racking hose for this process as it is more flexible rather than the vacuum resistant hose that comes in the package. If you decide to use the one that comes with the pump – place the end of the hose under hot water or in a cup of hot water and then it will make it easier to install onto the bottling attachment.

Always sanitize all equipment prior to bottling – click here for details

Turn the pump on – place one hand on the push button valve and the other hand is now holding the bottle filling attachment. Place the attachment on the bottle and it will start filling immediately. The wine is being filled along the side of the bottle to prevent foaming and to reduce agitation of the wine. Once the bottle is approx ½ full press the vacuum release for a second to slow the process down a bit. The wine will continue to fill the bottle till you get closer to your tube that is filling your bottle. When you slightly go over that mark – press and hold the vacuum release and it will automatically suck out the excess wine back into the carboy. Pull out the bottling attachment and start the entire process over, this should be approx 15 seconds per bottle.  This will give you consistent liquid height in every bottle without spilling between bottles.


Note ;

Always use water the first time until you become comfortable using this process


The vacuum release valve only needs to be cleaned out with warm water – do not use sulfites as it will hurt the valve. There is no reason that it needs to be sulfated because it is only vacuum that is going thru it or excess wine that is going into the overflow bottle to protect your pump.

The overflow bottle which is attached to the Allinonewinepump should be emptied once it reaches no more than the ½ way point otherwise there can be internal damage caused to the pump.