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The Headspace Eliminator is an accessory to the All in One Wine Pump. It is simple and a cost effective way to eliminate harmful headspace in your carboy.

We designed an affordable way that will aid in removal of excessive headspace. This is mainly caused because of racking for proper clarifying. It is often necessary to top off your wine in order to eliminate excessive oxygen contact. Without topping off or protecting your headspace could oxidize and ruin your wine. With the Headspace Eliminator, it is now possible to vacuum out most all of the air, and replace it CO2.

  • What are the advantages of the Headspace eliminator?
  • 100 % reusable
  • No longer diluting or changing the taste and of your wine by topping off
  • Cost effective – no more purchasing of smaller carboys, bungs and airlocks
  • Removes additional CO2 which aids in the degassing process.
  • Aiding to eliminate the possibility of oxidation.
  • Help eliminate excessive oxygen contact
  • CO2 is heavier than air and will protect your wine
  • Works well with your Allinonewinepump


Here is a Great video that one of our customers put together (Thanks Ken and Michelle)

It is 100% reusable.

The Eliminator is designed primarily for the first 8 critical weeks of winemaking. From racking to racking, the Eliminator will help prevent oxidation resulting in a better quality wine. Trial testing has been successful up to 6 months with no loss of vacuum. As with any other air lock, it needs to be inspected on occasion. Inspect which is easy to detect simply by observing the vacuum indicator for suction. If it is collapsed you know that you have more than 10 inches of vacuum. If the bulb is inflated then you have less than 10 inches of vacuum.

What the kit includes is the following –

The Eliminator comes fully assembled – just email me which size bungs you need (Typical size is #7 bung). You will receive a custom 2 hole bung with a one way valve installed, a vacuum indicator bulb and a adapter which attaches to your All in One wine pump or any ¼ vacuum hose.

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

40 reviews for Headspace Eliminator

  1. Dan Pryce (verified owner)

    An ingenious invention! These tools are amazing at helping to eliminate CO2 gas and protect your wine by creating a vacuum. I’ve purchased the majority of the products from All in One Wine Pump’s store and I can without hesitation recommend every product from Steve, as I always say to my fellow wine makers these tools are the best investment a home winemaker can make.

  2. Michelle Kryl (verified owner)

    This is a must, and so easy to use. No more having to worry about filling up space with other liquids. The seal is tight, including the bung.

  3. Stuart Miller (verified owner)

    I have three of the headspace eliminators. They’re excellent at maintaining vacuum on my carboys. Additionally, while holding vacuum, they help with degassing. After moving the wine to a carboy, I put it under a headspace eliminator, and every few days, check the wine and pull vacuum again releasing suspended CO2. Reliable piece of equipment.

  4. Graham (verified owner)

    Using for the first time, I had wine in secondary (using the head space eliminator) for approx. a month. I just went to rack it off the lees and found it had lost vacuum but the bulb was still completely collapsed. I think the bulb is made from too thick material preventing it from expanding when vacuum is lost. It would work well if this was preventable.

  5. Graham (verified owner)

    Just got mine, so quick and easy to use, very impressed

  6. Jim (verified owner)

    I have 5 headspace eliminators which I have been using for about 5 years making 70 batches of wine. I noticed an improvement in the quality of my wine once I started using them. I recently had an issue with one of the eliminators losing its vacuum. I contacted Steve and he helped me out with a replacement part which did the trick. Great product and great service.

  7. John (verified owner)

    Wanted to express my thanks to Steve for the great products and especially the outstanding customer service he provides. My recent order of Headspace Eliminators (HE) and a vacuum release valve arrive promptly, securely packaged and in excellent condition. I put them to immediate use in vacuum racking 12 gals of muscadine wine ( my back really appreciated not having to hoist 6 gal carboys!) and installing the HEs for bulk aging. However, after several days, one of the HE bulbs had inflated. I contacted Steve thinking that it was probably a leak in the bulb or possibly a defective check valve.

    Steve suggested that I swap the HEs to see if the same thing happened. Well, not only does Steve have great vacuum pump products, he’s pretty sharp on diagnosing problems to boot!

    As he suspected the “leaking” carboy was in fact still fermenting very slowly and maybe even going thru Malolactic Fermentation because the “good” HE – now installed on the problem carboy was inflated the next morning while the “bad” HE was maintaining the vacuum on the other carboy! I removed the HE and installed an air lock and have observed an almost imperceptible bubbling.

    I can’t say enough about Allinonewinepump products but I’m even more appreciative for the all- too-rare customer service. I’m hearing impaired and prefer not to have telephone conversations. I informed Steve of my hearing problems when I placed my first order (having read that he likes to speak with customers to ensure there’s no miscommunication) and he has continued to answer my questions and concerns via email without any reminders! How’s that for Customer Service!!!!

    I’m a customer for life and have no reservations in recommending any and all Allinonewinepump products, Steve, the rest of the gang. They just don’t make companies like this anymore!!! Keep up the good work!


  8. gonzalo Hernandez (verified owner)

    It works great. Very helpful

  9. Troy Spiker (verified owner)

    Awesome for extra headspace getting ready to order more

  10. Jim Mann (verified owner)

    Genius idea. Perfect for those times where there’s just a little too much headspace in the carboy. I have two now. Could probably use one or two more.

  11. Jeff Smith (verified owner)

    What a fantastic idea… I have always worried about the small amount of head space in a carboy. This solved my worries… no O2 to worry about and it helps degas as well!

  12. Rob Kenley (verified owner)

    Wanted to share…learned wine making over the past 12 months being at home and love it. Recently learned about Steve Helsper and the Allinone wine pump. I love this thing! I will definitely post about all it can do later but in the meantime, his Headspace Eliminator system is perfect. No more adding like wine, water, oxidation with HSE. Check it out at https://3vj.dbb.myftpupload.com/product/headspace-eliminator/

  13. Andrew Cichowski (verified owner)

    This little add-on has quickly become one of the most helpful tools in my entire vinting workshop. This prevents the need for topping off with another wine or downsizing to ever smaller carboys, AND it helps degas to boot! These headspace eliminators cannot come highly recommended enough!

  14. Andrew (verified owner)

    This little add-on has quickly become one of the most helpful tools in my entire vinting workshop. This prevents the need for topping off with another wine or downsizing to ever smaller carboys, AND it helps degas to boot! These headspace eliminators cannot come highly recommended enough!

  15. Stuart Miller (verified owner)

    This is an excellent tool to help with degassing! Works perfectly.

  16. Betty (verified owner)

    Emailed Steve to thank him for his continued support I asked him if he had any head space eliminators with a number 6 bung as I was making smaller batches using up left over fruit in the freezer. Before the day was done he had emailed me back to say he had custom made one for me and I just had to order it!! How’s that for service!! I ordered 2!
    What I like about the eliminator is that there is no need to “top off” the carboy or jug so the wine made is 100 percent juice harvested from our back yard!! Such fun.
    Keep up the good work Steve I wouldn’t be making wine at my age were it not for your pump and all the great attachments that take all the lifting out of wine making. Will forever be grateful.

  17. Steve C (verified owner)

    Just a cool product . Don’t have to degrade wine by putting in wine from another source . Bought 3 to start up and now I have 12. No better way to complete the process after racking

  18. Sarah

    We love the headspace eliminator. Not having to worry about having similar style wines on hand has been amazing. I don’t worry about the amount of head space, just throw it on, hook up the pump and I am confident that my wine is safe from oxygen

  19. Carol (verified owner)

    I love the Headspace Eliminater. It has worked wonderfully for the past year and saved me so much stress. I will be getting more of these. Thank you, Steve, I really appreciate the excellent customer service!

  20. Ultra08fun (verified owner)

    Honestly hard to say anything more or better than what the previous reviews have said and mentioned. I definitely know these Head Space Eliminators are the greatest and as I write this review, I’m in the process of ordering more! If you find anyone that provides better Customer Service than Steve H, than you’ve found that proverbial needle in the haystack!

  21. Jeff

    Steve recommended these when I bought my pump kit. I thought it seemed like a good idea, so I said sure. The thing I didnt realize is how quickly wine clarifies when degassed early. It’s cutting time to bottle (for me) by about 2 months. There is also no comparison to HSE degassing vs. manual or powered agitation. I consider these devices a must-have once you have the pump. They are part of the process for me now. I’m writing this review while I’m visiting the site to order more.

  22. Steve2 (verified owner)

    This item is so cool..Just tried for the fist time yesterday and just ordered 4 more – Now no more topping off with other wine or potentially contaminating wine with a bad cork from a previous bottle

  23. Joe (verified owner)

    This tool worked out very well for me on my first use. It is great not having to worry about filling the vessel up all the way. Steve has great customer service. I always get more valuable wine making tips ever time I talk with him. I purchased 4 and I will probably need more.

  24. Graham

    I am based in Scotland, within the UK meaning it is not possible to order direct from the site. I enquired through this site and received a very prompt response from Steve who was most helpful in arranging these to be sent across the pond, I was in receipt of these within 6 days which must be a record getting through UK customs!

    I tried one of these out to great effect, I used a manual brake bleeder vaccum pump which worked a treat, so much so I plan to order some more of these as my carboy and wines I wish to age grow :). Great product and a fantastic service from Steve.

  25. butenhoff2 (verified owner)

    This accessory works amazing for eliminating Headspace and degassing !!! I would not hesitate to buy one and try it out !!!

  26. Paul Cascio (verified owner)

    Genius! I ordered one for every carboy I own. Works great, no more oxidation worries.

  27. Fred Black (verified owner)

    The headspace eliminator is such a simple concept. Leave it up to Steve to come up with something like this.

  28. Sicilian Prince

    This little Jammie is the greatest thing ever. I love the headspace eliminator. I just ordered 5 more.

  29. Alan Shriey (verified owner)

    Thank You Steve! I have used the headspace eliminator for about 6 months and find it invaluable to my winemaking. I no longer care about which size carboy I am using depending on batch size variations. This device holds a strong vacuum over the aging or clarifying wine. This seal and vacuum have not yet failed me. I currently have 4 working, and to improve my flexibility I am ordering 4 more. Wonderful, simple solution….why didn’t I think of this?

  30. Lori Beyer

    I have been using this nifty device for a year and can’t say enough about how effective it is.
    Today I racked 5 1/2 GL of wine that has been sitting in a 6 GL carboy for 6 months. The indicator bulb was deflated for the entire time it was sitting so I saw no reason to hurry to bottling. (Which is not my favorite part of winemaking). When I removed the Headspace Eliminator the vacuum was as strong as when I put it on the carboy 6 months ago. All I can say is brilliant!
    I no longer have to add other wines to reduce headspace, which changes my creation. I have even tried marbles which is expensive and very messy. This is a great and very effective way to reduce headspace at a price that is affordable for anyone who has multiple carboys going at the same time.

  31. Jim

    PERFECT SOLUTION TO AN INEVITABLE SITUATION!!! This product has worked as advertised. I have been looking for a tool that allows me to leave head space in my carboys. This product reduces my inventory of carboys. It always seems after a racking I need to top off the carboy. I do not like to add different wines to fill the head space. This tool insures your wine is not being changed by topping off. Steve also called me and recommended to add some CO2 to the empty head space to insure no oxygen is in the empty head space. He also said you should pull vacuum until CO2 comes out of solution. This works easier if you have less head space.

  32. Jim Mann (verified owner)

    Sonofagun, it works really well!

    I ordered one to test out and see if I liked it enough to swap out some of my airlocks. I finally got around to it tonight. “The bung is too big, it won’t fit!” I thought to myself.

    A quick email to Steve and, seriously, within 10 minutes… my phone rang. I recognized the number – it was Steve. He very kindly walked me through the first use. Surprisingly, it’s pulling CO2 out of a wine that’s aged about 5.5 months. Amazing.

    I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days. But, I’m sure it will be fine and I’ll be hinting around for a few of these for stocking stuffers. I am a fan.

  33. Mike Balk

    I have a Foodsaver Vacuum pump for my food; I vacuum pump my wine bottle on those rare occasions I don’t finish the bottle; that is what I wanted for my carboy, and that was how I found this product (searched for vacuum pump for wine).

    I came for the Headspace Eliminator and stayed for the Deluxe Vacuum Pump and the Pressurized Bottle Washer!

  34. Frank (verified owner)

    Love the HSE! No more topping up and what a great way to degas my wine!

  35. Michael (verified owner)

    Overall this is a fabulous product and super simple idea. When you first receive it you think “this cost this much?” but then quickly realize how professional it has been put together and works. At first I was worried because my bung didn’t want to stay in place. But a quick phone call from Steve got me on the right track. Put the bung on and hook up the vacuum and then after the vacuum has gone for a few seconds push down just to make sure it has a good seal. Stayed on for 14 days now perfectly.

    No more topping up with other wines (or heaven for bid water) and the added plus of being able to vacuum degass is a major plus.

    Sometimes the bulb gets stuck even after adding liquid to it from my sanitizing solution, however it has not messed with the overall positive experience or usage. Its easy to tell if the vacuum is still present as there is a clear difference between bulb being stuck and a vacuum look.

  36. Lee Jones (verified owner)

    The headspace eliminator is an ingenious ideal. After ordering 2 of these and putting them to use, I realized that I I needed more so I ordered 2 more. I was having trouble ordering the second 2 and received a personal call from customer service to help me correct the problem. Now that is what I call great service. My life is so much, much easier when it comes to wine making with this, as well as the other, products. Thanks Steve.

  37. Varis (verified owner)

    Definitely a good tool to have handy..!!

  38. Ken

    I was one of the first to buy and have used it a number of times and it’s worked flawlessly. It solves a significant problem of not having a full carboy, which happens in my home winery quite a bit. Another great product from Steve.

  39. Ted (verified owner)

    I picked up two a month or so ago and used one on a WE Cab Sav kit during the final month of clarification. I did that so that I didn’t have to top off or worry too much about the extra headspace I had. I bottled that wine yesterday and the vacuum had stayed solid for several weeks and the wine looked and smelled great.

    But here’s where it really shined. I’m making a batch of WE Sangiovese. You rack from primary to secondary, which I used the AI1 for. But after secondary, you don’t rack again before stabilizing, instead you degass through stirring and leave the sediments in place for clearing. I didn’t want to pump the sediment through the allinone to degass, so I went back to stirring. I used a wine whip for about 10 minutes and kept getting CO2 release. After that I decided to put the Headspace Eliminator on and vacuum pressure it. I did and got several inches of CO2 bubbles. I released the vacuum and did it again, on the second time I got just a few more CO2 bubbles, and then larger bubbles (which I still am not sure what they are, but they’re not CO2) and knew that I was properly degassed. So after 15 minutes I was able to move into Stabilizing and Clearing with no fear of leaving residual gas behind. It’s a great tool to have for those kits that don’t give you a couple rackings before it’s time to Stabilize and Clear.

    Another great product from Steve that makes this hobby so much more enjoyable. Thanks.

  40. Richmke

    I have tried a variety of things to eliminate headspace, and this is great. No problem of trying to rack around marbles or corks. The Headspace Eliminator creates an air tight seal, and the bulb gives you a visual indication of the vacuum status. The Headspace Eliminator is also a degassing accessory for the All In One Wine Pump. It drew out a lot of gas when initially put on the carboy. Not wanting to draw out all the gas, I turned off the All In One Wine Pump, and the Headspace Eliminator maintained a vacuum (CO2 stopped coming out when the vacuum dropped a little). Because of degassing, the Headspace Eliminator is good for long-term aging in the carboy, but not while the wine is making CO2 (secondary fermentation).

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