Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer/ Transfer Pump

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Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer/ Transfer Pump


  • The Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer/ Transfer Pump comes ready to be attached to a bucket. The bucket and the optional filter are not included. It has 45 PSI and 3.3 gallons of flow per minute. You may be asking yourself – what does that mean for me?
  • Now clean your bottles using any sanitizing solution you prefer. It takes literally seconds to sanitize a bottle – completely! It has a screen on the input end of the intake hose in order to protect the pump from any debris that may be in the sanitizing solution. This system is entirely portable and can all go back into the bucket for storage purposes. The Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer/ Transfer Pump is a very helpful and time saving tool for any winemaker.
  • This is an on – demand pump and you will get years of service out of it. It is self priming up to 9 feet vertical. Do not exceed 130 Fahrenheit liquid temperatures.
  • It can also be used as a transfer pump for potable water or transferring large amounts of wine.

Make sure that you use a grounded polarized GFI plug outlet and approved extension cord.
Or you can order one of these = from Home Depot for 13.00 dollars, GFI adapter.
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  • One year limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • You can stand upright while washing / sanitizing your bottles
  • Extreme time saver
  • Get a much better washing
  • Can be used on beer and wine bottles and carboys
  • It has a stainless steel bottle washer – with a built in ball valve which eliminates any overspray. The washer stops spraying once the bottle is lifted off the sprayer attachment.
  • The filter is an option in order to keep your solution cleaner, prior to entering your bottles.

These are the items needed for filtering the solution –

All filter items can be found at except for the barb connectors, which I do sell them on my accessory page if you can not find them locally.

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

Additional information


No Attachments, Additional Screw On Inlet Strainer ($15)

17 reviews for Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer/ Transfer Pump

  1. Fred

    Yet another GREAT product from Steve! This pump washer is a real time saver PLUS it you can use it to wash and sanitize not only bottles but carboys as well! It is easy to set up and instructions are easy to follow. The pump is also great at transferring wine.
    In addition, you also have available to help with any issues you might have plus he truly wants you to be happy with his products.

  2. Hettie Hense

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  3. Betty

    I failed to leave a review what I got this, but I’m going to do it now! Thank you Steve for another wonderful invention. Since January, I have been wheelchair-bound and I can clean the bottles while sitting in my wheelchair! I never could reach into the sink. And I do hate to impose on others to do those kind of things for me. But let me get back to the review. This bottle washer works great. I had gone to throwing away those bottles that had dried sediment in the bottom, and this takes care of it!
    It was very easy to set up as someone over 75 can attest that’s not always possible! But as usual, Steve was right there if I needed him. But his tutorials got me through again Steve thank you for being there for all of us. I don’t know how you do it but there’s a lot more quality wine getting put out there because of you! Thanks again.

  4. jeffrey lees

    My wife and I run a small cidery in northwestern Minnesota. We have a tasting room and we also sell our cider in 750ml bottles. We give credit towards a new bottle when the customer returns their empty.

    This unit cleans fantastic! We wash and sanitize about 50 bottles a week during peak season. New and used bottles alike, I trust this system and have used it for about 3 years!

  5. Paula (verified owner)

    I just purchased this a couple of weeks ago and put it to use last weekend. Love it!! I can’t wait to sanitize bottles with it this weekend!

  6. Andrew (verified owner)

    With his AIO pump and headspace eliminators taking the limelight, Steve’s epic washing system seems to go under the radar on forums and social media… folks are missing out. This setup is amazing! The pump is quiet and lightning fast and everything neatly lives inside of the bucket when not in use. This tool saves HOURS of my life every time I use it.

    To give the speed some context: for fun I raced my friends bottling together on Zoom last week; after they spent an hour cleaning, sanitizing, and drying everything and after they had already started filling their first bottles with an auto-siphon, I cleaned and sanitized 30 bottles, racked and filtered my wine, AND bottled and corked all 30 bottles before they were half way done!!! (I’ve got the Italian floor corker, but that speed came from the AIO and the bottle washing pumps!).

    Thank you Steve!

  7. John (verified owner)

    After stumbling onto this washer on You Tube quite by accident, I took the time to watch most of the product videos that are offered by Steve. After this time (an investment), I decided to get one, also the vacuum set up for bottling. This was a sizeable jump into an unknown product. As I look back now, they were a huge time saver. I am a mechanical type of guy and this was very easy to assemble and use. My wife & I just finished washing 145 bottles, some with unrinsed and dried residue, in a very short time. The stubborn ones took a bit longer and a brush. The washer does the trick. After bottling the washer even does the carboys. This unit is well worth the price.

  8. Lori Weiss

    I purchased the Pressurized Bottle Washer / Sanitizer back in September of 2018 and I just love it! My husband makes wine at home and I am the dedicated “bottle washer/sanitizer”. It used to be such a chore but using this is so much easier! It really cleans the bottles and I feel more confident that they are clean and sanitized! Before purchasing it, I contacted Steve who took the time with me to answer a few questions about bottle washing and sanitizing. Thank you Steve!!

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    Received the bottle washer today & what used to take me at least 2 hrs now took me 20 min at best. Steve has made a fabulous item & it is a brilliant design . The parts are top notch & assembled with PEC type clamps rather than the cheap worm type. I will recommend this bottle washer to all my friends. Kudos to you Steve……

  10. Philip Senechal

    After talking to Steve about my setup, he recommended ordering the All In One Bottle Washer system not only for sanitizing, but to also use it for tank to tank transfers. I got it in the mail last night, just in time to do my first racking of this year’s Syrah. Holy crap that thing is awesome. It’s super quiet and moved the wine at a rate of about 3 gallons per minute. I was able to completely rack all 30 gallons of Syrah from one tank to the other in less than 30 minutes…only because I had to stop to clean the in-line filter he suggested (which worked great when I got to the bottom of the tank and encountered some of the gross lees). This thing will definitely pull double duty when I’m ready to start bottling as well. Thanks for all the great support Steve!

  11. Jackie (verified owner)

    I LOVE THIS PUMP! I use it in my cider all the time– washing bottles, transferring small amounts of liquid. It is great– lasts a very long time. Steve is very responsive and great to work with also!

  12. Cmason

    My favorite wine making tool is my All in One Pump. My wife calls herself The Cellar Rat, she is in charge of all the cleaning and making certain that I don’t forget to sanitize or write down what we did. Her favorite tool is this pressurized washer sanitizer. It took about 5 minutes to get it set up and working. We had 4 carboys (or 120 bottles worth) to bottle. Prior to this that would have taken about an hour or two to get ready. With this tool, it probably took about 15 minutes to clean and sanitize all the bottles.

    I can’t wait to try this to move wine. I have 5 carboys I want to somewhat mix as I rack. I am thinking this will do a great job of that.

  13. Mike Balk

    I was dubious about the connector that you put on your sink, but this system in a bucket and a pump is awesome! Rock solid with the liquid in the bottom, you can even clean your carboy with this. I upgraded from the manual sanitizer, and will never look back. Powerful stream as long as you need it to clean tough spots in the bottle. The ONLY downside is that you need a gallon or two of sanitizer to handle the foaming and circulating. But well worth it.

  14. Tom

    I make approx. 150 gallons of wine each season, and I make approx 40 gallons of beer, as you can probably guess, we have a lot of bottles that accumulate!

    Cleaning and sanitizing use to take me several hours each time, and to be honest, there were more than a few bottles that didn’t get absolutely cleaned and sanitized, this was very frustrating!

    I was very familiar with the quality and craftsmanship that Steve puts into his products, I’ve been using the All In One Wine Pump for a few years and it exceeded our expectations, I knew that the Pressure Washer/Bottle Sanitizer would help me to knock out the piles of bottles, and it didn’t disappoint us!

    First off, let me say this…What a time saver! It took me less than 10 minutes to install, and it couldn’t be easier to use!

    We were surprised at how much crud came out of bottles that had been rinsed immediately after they are emptied and having a brush put through them!
    The pump puts out a strong jet of water, in my case, I add meta to the hot water to sanitize the bottles, and I use the inline filter so nothing gets cycled back into the water.

    Due to some health issues, I almost had to stop making wine and brewing beer, I wasn’t able to stand for long periods of time; the Pressure Washer/Bottle Sanitizer took care of the standing for long periods while washing and sanitizing bottles, it is a self contained unit that cycles the water used, I can sit and use it!

    If you’re looking to make this part of wine making much easier and much faster, the Pressure Washer/Bottle Sanitizer is a must!

    I’m a believer in the saying “work smart, not hard”, sometimes you need to get the right tool for the job, this is the right tool!

    Steve, Thanks for yet another great product!


  15. Shoebiedoo

    Well, after buying this (what seems like ION’s ago) I finally got a chance to put it to use. I make, on average, about 140 gallons a year and…well, Needless to say, I had a LOT of bottles to wash. THIS handy little device cleans the bottle so fast I was finished before I even got started :br:br:br These bottles were also very crusty but I didn’t have to scrub a single one. The time spent on this task is now a fraction of what it used to be.

    This is a MUST have for anyone who make larger quantities.

    Thanks again Steve


  16. richmke

    I wanted something to clean used bottles and carboys, and stuff at the local home brew store was lacking. The Allinone Pressure Bottle Waster (APW) is the bomb. I shoots a strong stream and works on beer bottles to 6 gallon carboys. Some residue away from a direct hit by the stream may need a bottle brush. But, the APW loosens it (when combined with a carboy cleaner) so a quick brush is all you need.

    After use, I rinse out the APW by running clear tap water through it. I had the faucet turned all the way on, and the APW could suck the water as fast as the faucet could fill the pitcher. That’s how strong a stream the APW delivers.

    As recommended, for safety, I bought a GFCI Outlet from the hardware store, and wired it to a power strip that has a switch.

    Now I know my bottles are clean. I’m a happy guy.

  17. Andrew

    I’ve been so happy with my AIO pump that I had to get this. What a time saver! It took me about 3 minutes to install – and 2 of those minutes were spent teaching my daughter how to use a drill.

    It used to take me about 1/2 hour to clean and sanitize two cases of bottles. I’ve been burned once or twice when I haven’t been as sanitary as I should have been, so I’m meticulous now when it comes to cleaning my bottles. And speaking of being burned, I always use scalding hot water leading to a few four-letter words from time to time.

    Well no more of that! I fill the bucket with scalding water and K-meta. And then my girls fought over who gets to clean Dad’s bottles! They did a brilliant job of cleaning two cases of bottles in only a few minutes.

    My neighbor dropped of two cases of empties that have been sitting in her garage all winter. And she doesn’t rinse them out like I do when I empty them. So these bottles had some crud in them. Steve’s washer did the trick! But I had to empty the water a few times since I don’t have a filter. I’m going to invest in one of those next!

    Thanks, Steve.

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