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Now it’s All in One hand!

The vacuum release valve is built into the bottle filler. The bung is even more tapered to fit into those unusual bottle sizes, including beer bottles. This new stream lined design is fully adjustable and for both right or left handed operation. All hoses sold separately. Fully adjustable bottle filler is designed to keep consistent liquid height, while filling your bottles under vacuum, where there is minimal oxygen contact. It fills the bottle up by the wine gently flowing along the sides of the bottle and there is no overflow spillage Consists of a rubber stopper that has an adapter for the 1/4” vacuum line Hose inlet fitted for a 3/8’’ ID racking hose which attaches to your racking cane Actual product color may vary from the images shown It is recommended to install new vacuum hose (1/4) in order to remove the in-line vacuum release valve that is in the original set-up.


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No Upgrades, Both Hoses attached with Color Code ($10)

25 reviews for Premium Wine Bottle Filler

  1. Bob Baker (verified owner)

    Well done, Steve. Got the new bottle filler and it works like a charm. Your videos are helpful too. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Betty Iselin

    If not for steve and his ingenuity I would not be making wine! Due to age I was ready to “give it up” as I couldn’t handle the carboys! (Ya I know …smaller batches but why bother!!!). Now I’m by able to rerack without lifting the carboys!
    As for the filler, I used to have to ask for assistance bottling (I still do for socialization and critique) but if no one is available I’m able to do it myself….and do it neatly!! How novel!!!
    Thanks Steve, and your crew, for keeping wine making in our lives! Bless you all.

  3. Daniel Jordan

    This is less of a review of the bottle filler and more on the website & customer service. I am so looking forward to getting the wine filler! I put an order in for the bottle filler and I didn’t order all the parts that I needed. Steve gave me a call and made sure I was going to get everything and be successful. You don’t find very many places anymore that have both great products and excellent service. All in one wine pump is the real deal. Thanks, Steve!

  4. Scott

    Never in a 1,000 years would I have imagined bottling with one hand and not spilling a drop but the Premium Wine Bottle Filler does it! First time I used it was with three wine kits with about 28-30 bottles per kit and I used a napkin with no worries of a catastrophic failures. The premium bottle filler will be the second best thing you buy after the AIO wine pump. Faster, easier, cleaner, and a host of other positive things I could say. I have used the bottle filler seven (7) times since the beginning of Oct. Read the comments because they are true. Watch the videos

  5. Greg Stricker (verified owner)

    This works great! Easier to use than the original. Gives you a free hand during bottling, which comes in handy. I highly recommend!

  6. Raymond C (verified owner)

    This made filling bottles so much easier and faster! The previous filler worked but was a bit of a hassle to have to use both hands stretched apart. I had a much easier time controlling the speed and had no spill either. As always fantastic customer service and he got me setup with the correct tubing as well. Highly recommend this upgrade if you do a lot of bottling!

  7. Joe M (verified owner)

    I have been making wine since 2013 and have bottled over 10,000 bottles of wine. I’ve been using All In One Wine Pump equipment for at least 6 or 7 of those years and this Premium Wine Bottle Filler is one of the best inventions Steve has made. I would recommend it to anyone that is bottleing wine.

  8. Len van Leeuwen (verified owner)

    I really enjoy using the premium wine bottle filler as it greatly speeds up the process of bottling. The one handed operations also results in far less wine lost during this step. Steve got back to me very quickly on my query on cleaning the device. Another highly recommended product from All In One Wine Pump!

  9. Betsy Parbuoni (verified owner)

    Love it. Makes bottling so much easier.

  10. Michael Alspaugh (verified owner)

    Okay Steve has done it AGAIN… I bottled two carboys last weekend and it was a breeze!!! I can’t thank him enough for making my wine hobby more enjoyable and easy!!! His customer service is next to NONE as well. If I have a question I call and he either answers or calls me right away GREAT JOB and a Great GUY!!!

  11. Wayne Moore (verified owner)

    I just received your new bottle filler recently. Last Saturday I decided it was time to finish bottling my 2020 vintage. The new filler is great! I bottled 12 cases (by myself) using the bottle washer and all in one pump. What a great setup! It took a while to stop reaching for where the old vacuum release would have been, but I got the hang of it. Thanks again!

  12. Pete Martin

    First time using the Premium Wine Bottle Filler. Bottled three carboys with ease. My wife usually does the bottling, while I do the corking. She absolutely loves it. I am able to control the speed and fill up of the wine bottle. She even let me use it to fill some bottles. Absolutely better improvement than old. Way to go Steve!!

  13. John Washam

    Just finished my 2nd bottling with the premium bottle filler and have nothing but praise! I bottled 28 bottles in less than 10 minutes. I’ve been a wine maker for over 20 yrs and have always disliked bottling. The premium bottle filler has totally changed my perspective not to mention no more lifting heavy carboys for the height delta required by other fillers. Try it you won’t be sorry.

  14. Sheila Przeklasa (verified owner)

    My husband does the bottling and he just loves his new toy! It makes everything go more smoothly.

  15. KIM GAGNON (verified owner)

    We love the new filler. Works like a charm. We also have the pump system which was a back saver. Your products are well built and long lasting.

  16. Joyce M Matthews

    WOW!! Love our new toy, easy to use, accurate and cleaning it was a breeze. Throw out that old bottling wand!! Thanks Steve for another GREAT PRODUCT

  17. Jeffrey Smith (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!!! Had been using Steve’s older bottling system, but this too a great system and made it even GREATER!!! So easy to use! I bottled 4 cases with no waste and every bottle filled to the perfect level! I would highly recommend this to anyone !

  18. Mike Cesarz (verified owner)

    I was reluctant to go with the new bottle filler design due to its cost and the fact that I had achieved a certain proficiency with the original bottle filler. Boy, was I wrong. When used in conjunction with the precision adjustable vacuum valve the new product makes bottling a breeze. I was able to quickly bottle 10 gallons of wine achieving a consistent fill level without drawing any wine into the overfill bottle. This new product is worth the cost part of which I am sure is due to the custom molding employed to make a product which feels right. Hats off to Steve for another great product!

  19. Betty

    Premium wine bottle filler
    I ordered one of these from Steve awhile back and bottled two carboys using the old system cuz I wanted to try the new one out with water before I tried it on the “real thing “. So before putting things away yesterday I decided to give it a trial run. (After my helper left. Didn’t want to look stupid). Well tried one bottle filled with water and thought, “I procrastinated for this. !!!!” Unbelievable! Didn’t spill a drop . So simple!! Can’t wait till the next batch is ready to bottle!!!! If you’ve never bottled with an All in One Wine Pump, by all means practice with water. If you’ve used the AIOWP to bottle learn from me and don’t let the filler sit on the bench till you learn. There’s no “learning “ required!!
    Thanks again Steve for another wonderful invention to make home wine making more fun and easy.
    Can’t wait till the next carboy is ready!!! A thousand thank you’s!

  20. Scott Wieser (verified owner)

    My wife does the bottling and I do the corking. We just bottled our first batch with this premium filler. My wife absolutely loves it. She said it was ok with the old filler but this one handed operation just made her life easier. She has better control and it does make bottling just a bit faster. Remember: A happy wife = A happy life. Great investment.

  21. vince richter (verified owner)

    Got mine couple days ago and got to use it today to bottle some apple and choke cherry. The old wand works fine but this one has it beat hands down. It is absolute pleasure to use. Do not hesitate to get one! Also get a length of hose for it which I did not do so am using the old one with the vacuum valve in line until I get new hose. Thanks Steve!

  22. Dorothy Cummings (verified owner)

    I broke my arm in November so it’s very hard to grip with my bad hand. I just used the new Premium Bottle Filler. It was worth every penny. It’s fits perfectly in your left or right hand and extremely comfortable. You don’t have to hold the pressure constantly. Love it. I will tell my brother Mike S. to quit being tight and splurge.

  23. John Bolduc

    WOW!!! NIce to try this new product. A time saver and very comfortable. The tapered cork lets you release your hand a bit to ease any uncomfortableness from many bottles of filling. Easy set up and cleaning. We just filled 150 bottles in about 25 seconds apiece. Very well designed and a pleasure to use. Keep up the good work!!

  24. Joey DeCarlo

    Very nice. Makes bottling that much smoother and easier, and gives you fine control with the valve. Worth the upgrade.

  25. Keith Adams

    Love it, putting it all together vacuum release valve and filler, gave me a free hand making it easy to operate.
    The entire combination of the pump and new single hane operation allowed me to bottle 50 bottels in less than 30 minutes. No more topping off some bottles while other use to over flow making waste.

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