New Precision Adjustable Vacuum Valve

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This is an accessory to the Allinonewinepump, that you can install in less than 5 minutes.

This precision adjustable vacuum valve is designed to make bottling even easier for each individual needs. It is able to control the vacuum – which will either decrease or increase the liquid flow for bottling.



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This is an accessory to the Allinonewinepump, that you can install in less than 5 minutes.

 Advantages of using the Precision vacuum valve 

  • It will give you even more consistent bottling filling, by controlling the liquid flow by use of vacuum.
  • Less foaming due to liquid agitation
  • You can bottle beer without pulling out CO2 or foaming issues.
  • Customers have mentioned that they can cork a bottle as they are filling the next one, It’s a great time saver !
  • Fully Adjustable
  • A must have when filtering -It will make your wine go slower thru the filter – in effect getting better filtration thru the cartridge filter.


Below is an example of a fully assembled vacuum valve

7 reviews for New Precision Adjustable Vacuum Valve

  1. Nancy Belle (verified owner)

    I am so impressed by Steve’s customer service. I just placed my first order this morning and he was so helpful and kind over the phone!!! I cannot wait to get the all in one wine pump!!!

  2. Alan Keutsch (verified owner)

    Steve has a vast amount of wine accessories that can make your wine bottling a pleasure, rather than a chore. If you have any questions Steve is right there to answer all, and give good advice.

  3. Jim Mann (verified owner)

    A very welcome and useful addition to my AIO. I use it filling bottles and filtering my wine to get the vacuum pressure just right.

    Steve was, as always, super helpful answering questions and helping me get set up. Thank you Steve!

  4. Tom

    I did not even know I needed this, I have a commercial vacuum pump. Steve called me because I was ordering his hose kit. He wanted to check my application and verify the bung size needed. Steve was very knowledgeable and helpful after explaining about my Gast pump Steve recommended this because these large vacuum pumps can pull to much vacuum for transferring with carboys. This is easy to set up and used.

    Thanks Steve

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    I have several of Steves great innovations. The adjustable valve is a great tool for bottling. No foam, no going back to “top off” the bottles. Gives me time to see wine filling those dark bottles. When racking just close the valve and keep racking. Thanks Steve!

  6. Ken Ueltzen (NorCal)

    Steve has spent countless hours perfecting the All-In-One. This little accessory allows you to fine-tune the filling of the bottles to eliminate foam. I bottled 180 bottles yesterday and instead of filling the bottles at full speed and then dealing with the foam, I slowed the fill rate down and did not have to deal with the foam and the overall bottling time was reduced. Excellent accessory to have when bottling.

  7. David Brown

    I absolutely love my AIO, but when bottling I was having foaming issues that was causing quite a bit of wine to go into the overflow bottle as foam. One six gallon batch actually had an entire bottle of wine fill the overflow bottle. (that only happen once, likely due to adding kmeta two days prior)

    Anyhow, Steve sent me the new valve that attached right at the overflow bottle. It helped lower the negative pressure for bottling purposes which ended up working out great. I had maybe 2oz of wine in the overflow bottle out of filling 36 bottles once I got the filling pressure set correctly.

    Great improvement to an already awesome device! Thanks Steve!


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