Wine bottle vacuum reservoir conversion kit

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This Wine bottle vacuum reservoir conversion kit consists of the following:

  • A Long elbow (approx 6” long in length) to protect liquid from entering the pump
  • It is color coded (blue) for easy setup, when used with the – All in One Wine pump.
  • Already installed in a custom drilled tapered stopper (#2)
  • Vacuum inlet is fitted for a 3/16” or 1/4’’ ID vacuum hose which attaches to your vacuum pump
  • Vacuum outlet is fitted for a 1/4’’ ID vacuum hose which attaches to your vacuum attachments.


You can purchase a small piece of 3’’ pvc pipe, and a floor mount, now you are ready to go!

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

4 reviews for Wine bottle vacuum reservoir conversion kit

  1. RICHARD. R (verified owner)

    I have been told by many always have a backup just in case, this is my backup set, I can not thank steve enough and if I ever need backup it will be like last week a hydrometer rolled of the table but as I stood up to get it crunch, I got my spare hydrometer then after clean up I bought a backup off everything I own except for my Italian corker, next month I will have my corker backed up. Steve’s products last for ever it seems but when you step om your hydrometer I got to thinking what else could I step on. since I’m clumsy I feel it is best to be prepared,, my hats off to you Steve,,,,

  2. richard (verified owner)

    yet again something time saving and very helpful,,,,

  3. Steven Dirga

    Must have. Constantly looking for this kit in my shop.

  4. Doug

    Steve is awesome also. He called me to see if I had any questions after the purchase. That kind of customer service is unheard of these days. The system was easy to set up for me…I don’t need any freaking instructions… (typical male) HeHeHe… It made perfect sense once I watched the online video. I could NOT be a more happy customer. If you want the best bang for the buck wine making tool out there, buy one. I am one happy customer!

    Thanks Steve!

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