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The bottling attachment consists of the following:

  • Fully adjustable bottle filler.
  • It has consistent liquid height, while filling your bottles.
  • There is minimal oxygen contact.
  • It fills the bottle up by the wine gently flowing along the sides of the bottle.
  • No overflow spillage
  • Already installed in a custom drilled tapered stopper (#3)
  • Wine inlet is fitted for a 3/8’’ ID racking hose which attaches to your racking cane
  • Vacuum inlet is fitted for a 1/4’’ ID vacuum hose which attaches to your vacuum reservoir
  • It is color coded for easy setup, when used with the – All in One Wine pump.
  • Bottling is fun, when you are standing, rather than bending over to fill your bottles.
  • Check out our NEW Stainless steel version – click here –

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

9 reviews for Vacuum Wine bottling setup

  1. Joyce elaine Goett

    Hi Steve, my name is joycegoett and I bought your all in one wine pump several years ago. I moved back to Pennsylvania recently and somehow I lost the bottling cork bar that you put the bottle and then to transfer the wine. I only need that one little part can you help me?

  2. Tom

    This kit is awesome I connected it to my carboys and vacuum pump and transferred with ease. This kit had everything that I needed to make the connections no trips to the store or having to wait on getting anything. Just opened the package connected by color and I was ready to go.
    I already had a vacuum pump, but I would by the AllinOne for sure if I did not.
    Thanks Steve

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    Great Product…Great Customer Service. It is a clean, fast and a perfect way to fill bottles. As well every time I have ordered from Steve’s site, he has always phoned to discuss and confirm order.

  4. butenhoff2 (verified owner)

    I would not be making wine without this accessory !!! It works just as Steve said it would once I moved the carboy to the floor. I filtered down to a carboy sitting on the floor and then I switched to the bottling accessory and filled every bottle perfect !!!

  5. Glenn (verified owner)

    Great tool, I did 90 bottles in abou 1/2 hour and only spilled about 3 drops BUY IT,,,YOU’LL LIKE IT!!

  6. RICHARD. R (verified owner)

    bought a second system just in case I mess up something. again a great product, thank you Steve

  7. richard (verified owner)

    Steve was an is very helpful, he takes the time to help you get it right, and he’s fair and just with his pricing. Steve saved me a lot of expensive trial an error, thank you Steve

  8. Angelina

    Well I received my all-in-one bottle filling accessory yesterday in the mail, so I tested it out a few minutes ago and I must say I am totally impressed! Because I am not the smartest tool in the wine room I contacted Steve and he got me squared away in no time, really in two minutes time I had it hooked up and a bottle filled perfectly to the correct level!!!. I can’t wait to bottle some wine this coming week!!!! Thank you Steve!!! Worth every penny plus some!!!

  9. nucjd

    I have to say I have never come across someone that actually wanted to talk with the customer on the phone before he would sell his product to said customer. Truly rare and special. Thank you as well for a great product. I used the allinone this weekend and it was flawless.
    Breeding horse and making wine are very similar. I takes about 5 years to see if what you made turned out well.

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