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All The All In One Wine Pump packages are lightweight, made of durable plastic and is easily cleanable. It comes with an in-line vacuum release valve for flow control.

The bottling attachment gives you consistent bottling liquid height. It removes the CO2 every time you use it to transfer. No more bending over for bottling or lifting full carboys ever again.

We added additional eyelets on the backside of the unit for organizational purposes

A well balanced handle – for easier carrying

Please check out the Precision vacuum valve to make bottling even more easier !!

The filter cartridge and filters sold separately: <click here>

Racking Wine – No Lifting Carboys, Degas Easily with The All In One Wine Pump.

Racking Wine is among one of the most important things we can do as winemakers to clarify our wines naturally. It is extremely important after primary fermentation to transfer off the yeast beds, so not to add any sour taste to our existing wine.

Typically we would have to lift approx. 100 pounds plus of the primary with the grape skins and juice for approx. 6 gallons of wine . This can definitely be hard to lift and we can insure that we will feel it in the days to come.  But there is an easier way – The All in one wine pump !  We now can Rack without a difference in height – so that will make better racking’s because of the following

The sediment will be not disturbed prior to racking , unlike traditional racking’s

No lifting carboys or primary fermentation vessel

No height difference needed to transfer your wine

It is very fast and efficient – approx. 4 minutes per 6 gallon carboy

Easy to sanitize and clean (approx. 30 seconds) click here for more details

You can degas easily as you rack your wine, using the All In One Wine Pump.

The All In One Wine Pump is extremely portable – and light and very dependable to make your life easier.

While adding any chemicals ( sorbate , sulfite ,etc.) it is best to put the chemicals in the carboy that you are transferring into then start your transfer. This process will make sure that all your wine is mixed properly.

When racking you must go into a glass vessel in order to be able to start a vacuum and have the process work.


While you are racking your wine you will notice that there is foam on top of your wine. This is normal – this is CO2 that is being removed out of your wine. Typically it only takes several transfers to remove most all your CO2 using the All In One Wine Pump. There is no need to do several racking’s back to back if you have the pump from the beginning of your wine making process.

Note –

If you have a smaller vessel that you are going into – make sure that the vessel is above the one that you are pulling from as gravity will take over and continue to flow the wine. You can always pinch off the racking hose as you manually transfer the bung assembly into another waiting carboy.


Click below for the Bottling link for more detailed info =


Click below for the Filtering link for more detailed info =


Parts that are included with Wine Pump package:
Complete: Standard plus degassing and filtering:
Heavy duty vacuum pump with built in thermal protection
Reservoir attachment
Complete user manual
Wine Bottling attachment
5 feet of vacuum resistant racking hose
 #7.0 - 2 hole tapered bung w/ vacuum elbow
Vacuum release with 6’ of ¼’’ hose - all color coded ends
Two 5' vacuum resistant racking hoses
1/4 NPT to 3/8 barb adapters - for filter housing
9" Wine splash racking cane #6.5 bung

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

Additional information


No Attachments, Precision Adjustable Vacuum Valve ($8), Extra Vacuum Release Valve with Hose ($15), Both Upgrades ($23)

159 reviews for Deluxe version for the Home Winemaker

  1. Tracy Thaden (verified owner)

    Have had the pump for more than five years and it has helped me in my hobby wine-making a lot. I typically make 500+ gallons of wine from my vineyard. The pump started to take longer to rack last year but I didn’t pay it much attention until I thought to contact Steve to ask about it. Ended up shipping the pump to him for refurbishment and he fixed it up within a day and is shipping it back. Down time of less than a week! Wonderful service and I love the pump!

  2. Bill May

    Purchased a used all in one on eBay. When I used it the first time it took over 30 minutes to transfer 6 gallons between carboys. Sent an email to support and within 10 minutes I received a phone call from Steve. After a series of questions Steve was able to diagnose the issue and determine which model of the all in one I now owned (extremely old). He told me exactly what parts I needed to order to fix the issue. Parts arrived within days. Once I had the parts he walked me through the entire repair process. I have now been using the repaired all in one for 6 months and can’t believe how it has simplified and expedited transfers, degassing and bottling. My only complaint is I’m no longer getting a workout from lifting and moving the carboys!

  3. David Brody

    Just racked my first wine with the All-In-One. I’m at an age where lifting 6 gallon carboys is no longer an option. This solves that problem. Once I figured out how to set it up (the YouTube video was a great help) the process was very simple and fast. Clean up was easy. The customer service was/is outstanding. I had trouble ordering it, so I called Steve and left a voice mail. He called back within 5 minutes, AND HE WAS CAMPING! He was very helpful. Though I’ve been making wine for over 20 years he had some suggestions I’d not considered. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

  4. Jeff Scattini

    I upgraded to the all in one wine pump early in my hobby and it has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. Racking, bottle filling, and keeping my wines clean and safe has never been easier. 10/10 would buy again!

  5. David Harper (verified owner)

    I bought my pump in 2022 after a friend of mine recommended it. The pump was the game changer for me in my home wine making. It works great and makes the process go so much faster. Steve was very helpful when I placed my order, he helped me get all the equipment that I needed for what I was doing. Steve is a super nice guy to deal with and is very knowledgeable and helpful if you have any problems or questions. I would recommend the all in one wine pump to everyone that makes wine. I couldn’t do without mine now that I have been using it for a while. Thanks again for a great product.

  6. Bob

    Purchased the Wine Pump in 2018, I use it extensively for wine and mead, fantastic product for racking and head space degassing. Still working like a champ. Have recommended this to others. Sent a question through the web site and within an hour, Steve called me. He is really passionate about his product, very impressive!!

  7. gary billingsley (verified owner)

    The short and simple is it does everything it says it does. The personal service is top notch. You will not be disappointed.

  8. JT (verified owner)

    Very impressed! My only regret is not buying this years ago. It’s so much easier/faster to rack/degas/bottle wine. I’ll probably never use the auto-siphon again.

  9. Kari & Charles Lawson (verified owner)

    This pump is amazing! We were looking for lift options when we came across a recommendation for the wine pump. After doing a little research on the website, we decided to give it a try. Steve was very helpful in making sure we had exactly what we needed for our home operation. We are thrilled with the ease of the pump and it will certainly make racking so much easier from now on! Do not hesitate to buy this pump!!

  10. Paula (verified owner)

    Love this wine pump! I have been making homemade wine for about 25 years and finally found the Allinone about 7 years ago. It has surely changed racking and bottling day! It’s a must have!

  11. Gretchen Ramey (verified owner)

    The All-In-One Wine Pump lets me make wine without ever having to lift a full carboy, so I can keep making wine even when I’m old (or older)! My process is I start my wine in a primary on the counter, transfer it by siphon to a carboy on a cart, and from there I can rack it whenever I need to with the pump. It’s wonderful. And his customer service is amazing.

  12. Adam

    Ordered it and got a call 15 minutes later from the owner to talk about what I’ll be using it for and what else I might need. Just used it for the first time on 10 gallons of plum wine and it is a life saver. If you have the means and plan on making a lot of wine then it is a necessity. There will be no more lifting 80 pounds of wine onto a table so I can siphon it and make a mess

  13. Chris J Detten

    I acquired the pump from an estate sale, but it didn’t have any of the accessories with it. I Contacted the company and ordered some stuff – it wasn’t totally what I needed. Steve (the owner) called and suggested some particular items and even upgraded some others. It was more than fair and generous and I anticipate this product to be very useful In processing the wine, since I do it by myself. I would highly suggest this product to anyone that is looking for something that is much easier to use. Thank you very much Steve

  14. Zachary Skerl

    This product has made my winemaking so much easier and tastier! If you’re still on the fence, you need to get one. I’m still a pretty novice winemaker but the AIO wine pump makes my processes much shorter and my end product much better. I’ve also gotten very good support from Steve regarding which products I need. He’s answered all of my questions and taught me how to get the most out of my wine pump. I highly recommend this to my friends and anyone else!

  15. Mike Fitzsimmons (verified owner)

    My only complaint about this pump is that I wish that I’ve gotten it sooner.

  16. Betsy (verified owner)

    I bought this pump for 2 reasons, I no longer need to wait for help lifting full carboys since I can rack from one to another right on the floor, and also now I can degas while racking. The pump is very easy to use, I am only sorry I didn’t get it sooner.

  17. Valerie C (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. This really is a game changer for the home winemaker! Especially for those of us not strong enough to lift carboys or 6+ gallon buckets easily.

  18. Charlie (verified owner)

    I have used the All-In-One wine pump and related filter for several batches of wine. I agree with all of the previous reviews–it’s great. Although I had a block-and-tackle hoist for lifting carboys, that still required more effort than this 83-year-old needs to exert. Racking, degassing, bottling, filtering–all are super easy once you learn the setup. All works great. After a few sessions, I was comfortable with the setup for all of these processes. I recommend getting the extra vacuum hose and regular hose for bottling to reduce time for setup. Since I bulk age my wines, the carboy still needs to go down one floor to the cellar, but a neighbor much younger than I, does that for me.
    I experienced foaming at the first bottling session, but adjusting the flow with the precision adjustable vacuum valve solved that program. Steve called shortly after I sent a text to help me with the adjustment.
    I agree with the recommendation that bottles be placed in a milk crate or other bottle holder (a six-bottle cleaning supplies carrier, for example) for bottling to prevent bottles from turning over.

  19. Chris (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. It’s so easy to use and makes the winemaking process so much more enjoyable. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

  20. jc (verified owner)

    This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made for my winemaking. It saves time and saves my back. I also can’t say enough about Steve and his commitment to making sure all your questions are answered and your comfortable with the process. Love it! Thanks Steve!

  21. Victor (verified owner)

    I’m now brewing my 3rd kit and a common challenge among each has been getting C02 out of the wine. My initial startup set came with a wine whip attachment for a drill. I’ve sat there for 15 to 20 minutes at a time running this thing and never once has it been successful at driving out the C02. As a result, I’ve had to then bulk age my wine for an additional 6 months before bottling to let the C02 leave naturally. That worked on the first kit, but on the 2nd kit I still had plenty of C02 after 6 months of bulk aging with 2 rackings in between.
    I just bought the All-In-One Wine Pump for my 3rd kit and I’ve racked with it 3 times now; once out of the primary fermentation bucket, another off the oak moar and gross lees, then a 3rd off the fine lees. Each time I’ve used the splash racking attachment. Upon the 3rd racking I noticed substantially less foaming in the receiving carboy. The taste of the wine is substantially less astringent that it typically would be at this stage.
    At this point I’m planning to bulk age for another month or two to let the C02 levels continue to drop and let the Kieselsol and Chitosan clear the wine, then if the wine is clear and astringency gone, I’ll bottle. Not only has the All-In-One Wine Pump made the process of racking substantially faster, but it appears to have solved the most frustrating and time-consuming part of wine making, degassing.
    Lastly, I have to say I was especially surprised that Steve called me right after I purchased the pump and spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with me answer any questions I had, not isolated to the use of his product but rather the entire wine making process. His advice not only filled in some of the gaps in my wine making knowledge, but in some cases confirmed parts of my process which I was unsure I was doing correctly. I’ve never had such as satisfying customer service experience as this with any company, it is truly unparalleled.
    Thanks again for an amazing product and service Steve!!!

  22. Henry Isherwood (verified owner)

    So easy to rack now and no heavy lifting too!

  23. Glenn Wing (verified owner)

    I purchased the system with the filtering addition and I have used it 3 times so far and it has worked flawlessly.

  24. Jon

    Thanks Steve for walking me through some over heating issues I had. I appreciate the special attention you gave me quickly after I submitted my question. Your simple solutions helped me to understand the problem and ensure that my pump will continue to perform well. This is a great product that comes with exceptional service! Thanks again Steve.

  25. Bruce VandenBerghe

    I received the Deluxe version of the Home Winemaker pump for Christmas and it is without a doubt, one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received. I have had four back surgeries over the last twenty years, and this wine pump eliminates the need for lifting of any carboys. The amount of time it takes for us to bottle our finished wines has been cut by at least two thirds. I would heartily recommend this wine maker pump to anyone, but especially to those people who love to make wine but are limited by weight restrictions. This is the tool to have!!!

  26. Chris Gamble

    Don’t wait!
    I have been making wine a few years and knew about the AIO. Did not know how handy this set up is! Takes the worst part(s) of winemaking into a breeze. High quality, well built, great investment.

  27. Tammy Hamilton (verified owner)

    Best investment ever in my winemaking adventure. The Allinone has saved me so much time! I can rack 6 carboys in a fraction of the time! Never have I seen such support from the owner Steve! Thank-you!!

  28. Rosemary (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever! No more need to lift heavy carboys.

  29. Pam (verified owner)

    It doesn’t get any better than this pump! Thank you Steve for walking me through some details. I’ve been making wine for years. Took a break when moving, and noticed age caught up to me as a woman trying to lift 5-6 gallon carboys. The pump minimizes all the reshuffling of the carboys. I can rack and bottle anywhere. Additionally I’ve brought 2 other women into the craft, one is in her late 70s and the other is 50. The pump is amazing. In the past I thought I was degassing adequately. ha! You will be amazed at what your wines produce each and every time you rack. By the time you finish your wine product can be superior to what I achieved in the past.

    I also love Steve’s vacuum valves for less than full carboys. Like all wine makers I have containers of every size. With the new valves I’m needing to resize containers much less. Many of my values have held a vacuum for 6 months or more while my wine bulk ages.

    Thank you Steve! Your service and products are fantastic.

  30. Raymond (verified owner)

    This kit is a game changer for racking and bottling! I love not only how fast I was able to rack a 5 gallon batch of mead, but also how well it degassed the mead all while under a vacuum. It makes bottling so much easier too as it keeps the levels consistent every time. On top of that the customer service is amazing and Steve made sure I had everything I needed based on my specific setup. Can’t recommend this system enough and just wish I discovered it sooner!

  31. Cathy mathers (verified owner)

    Racked my first wine from fermenting bucket to carboy today the pump made everything so simple I absolutely love it hope bottling is every bit as smooth. Pretty sure this pump has guaranteed a lifelong habit for me

  32. Cheryl

    This pump has re-energized my passion for wine making. No more heavy lifting, degassing or waiting and waiting for the wine to finish racking. I invested in the filter that Steve recommended and my wine tasted and looked absolutely beautiful. When I first started using it, I had questions and Steve called me and walked me through the process. It is definitely an investment that is worth every dime.

  33. mike feeney (verified owner)

    I was considering giving up on winemaking as carboy lifting from the floor to table was getting too much for the old body. This pump makes transferring, bottling and degassing a breeze….so much quicker. You will not regret getting this pump….my regret is I should have had this years ago. Steve is always available to answer questions and give advice.

  34. Mary Lou (verified owner)

    I can not say enough about this Home Wine making I Love Love Live it. It has made the whole experience of making wine easy. Keep up the Great Products Steve

  35. Nick (verified owner)

    I have been using one of Steve’s AllinOne Wine Pumps for about 5 years now. It’s a game changer, turning the chores of lifting, racking and bottling into easy tasks, which don’t take a lot of effort or time. Being able to transfer under vacuum has so many advantages; avoiding oxygen, degassing, no lifting or siphoning, etc. I’m typically making a 23L batch every two weeks and having the AIO pump ensures I don’t spend back breaking hours, toiling over my wine batches, but enjoy and take pride in the bottles of vino I make. Get one, you’ll not regret it, and wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

  36. Jeff Scattini

    The pump is fantastic! I’ve been able to thoroughly degass and easily transfer my wines. This is a permanent part of my wine making toolkit

  37. Bob Johnson

    Best product of its kind – proven for over 15 years. You get what you pay for and this case that’s a fact!

  38. Joni O (verified owner)

    TL;DR – Get an AIO!!!
    I bottled a 3 gallon dessert wine kit into 30 375 ml bottles last night using my AIO. What a joy! I also racked two 1 gallon kits I have going and also racked a wine that had lots of lees in secondary so I had to downsize from a 3 gallon to two 1 gallon + a 1.5 liter bottle. My AIO makes it so easy and hubby is glad because now I can do it all myself. And as others have stated, Steve is very knowledgeable and gave me good advice when we chatted after I first ordered my AIO. Much appreciated!

  39. Mike Bleill

    What a great product! Well designed with GREAT customer support!

  40. Edmund J Koenke

    This is a great value and a time saver – a must have for any serious wine maker!!!

  41. Jan Acerro (verified owner)

    I kept reading about this pump on a Facebook group I follow. After reading the remarks there and looking at it for a couple of months I finally took the plunge. What a great investment! It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. Steve’s video is a great help when getting started. The best part of all – no more lifting heavy carboys and no mess when bottling! The filter is a great accessory and I think it is time to dump my old mini-filter system. Finally, Steve’s service and support are outstanding – quick shipping and even faster response to questions!

  42. Jenny Salinas (verified owner)

    I received my pump about a week ago and have now used it for racking and filtering and I have to say this thing is amazing! I am not a technical person at all and Steve made it so easy to put together that I did it all by myself, haha! Knowing he’s so easily accessible for questions helped so much too! Quite possibly my favorite thing of all though, is that there is virtually nothing wasted! I have just listed my mini jet filter on fb marketplace because this filter quite simply blows that out of the water. Buy this, you won’t regret it!

  43. Eric Johnsen (verified owner)

    I’ve owned two of these pumps for over 7 years. They are absolutely necessary for bottling. I typically bottle around 600 wine bottles, 250 Belgium hard cider bottles. Having bottled at least 5000 bottles and these pumps are still running strong. Steve’s customer service is top notch. Left him a message and he called me within two minutes!

  44. Michael

    I purchased the All-in-One Pump about 5 years ago and have been using it constantly ever since. My original reason for purchase was for the degassing procedure. I was never satisfied with stirring and shaking to remove CO2. The All-In-One does the trick and is much easier. I also use it for filtering and bottling and again, it is much easier to use than my old methods. The clean-up is also quicker. I highly recommend the product.

  45. Lesley (verified owner)

    Our chiropractor insisted we find a way to stop lifting carboys, and this was it. Although it looks complicated, Steve has a GREAT video that walked us through our first attempts, and then it became second nature. He is personally connected to our success and called me to make sure all was well and to see if we had questions. This is NOT a cheaply made, plastic waste of money. We are very happy we went this route and did invest in a second set of tubes so that our racking system is separate from our bottling system – a suggestion of Steve’s that was also spot-on. Good luck, and CHEERS!

  46. Susan Lampe

    This pump is amazing! It makes racking and bottling so much easier for all of my home winemaking needs.

  47. Miranda Burroughs

    The wine pump has been a game changer for my wine making. The time savings I am seeing when racking and bottling is awesome. Steve is very quick to respond to any questions, and shipping was fast as well. Great product, great customer service.

  48. Ron Haynes (verified owner)

    I’m highly impressed and kicking myself for not getting one sooner. This jewel is a winemaking dream come true. It is SO easy to set up and use and Steve is always just a text away if you have any issues or questions. I wish everyone ran their business with the same level of attention to detail and customer service as he does. You can feel very confident and secure purchasing this fantastic piece of equipment to make your winemaking hobby even more enjoyable.

  49. Richard A Davis (verified owner)

    New to wine making. I purchased the Deluxe All In One because I wanted more precise control of racking my 1.2 gallon batches than I could manage with siphoning. It arrived undamaged, and I thought it very well packed. Everything is exactly as described on the website. It is a simple yet elegant product that I am certain is going to help me get faster, cleaner racks. Practice on water! Customer service/support is superlative. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  50. Jona

    This pump was purchased as a gift for my 90 year old father….and looked amazingly efficient. Dad likes his way of doing things so we have returned. that being said, Steve and his team are professional and prompt with their correspondence — real pros.

  51. Jeff Smith (verified owner)

    I have been making wine for about 2 years now and have always racked and bottled using the old manual syphon way. I discovered the All-in-One and can’t imagine life without it!! It has made racking and bottling so much easier! No more messes and a constant fill level in my bottles. I also love how it helps degas during racking and make filtering very easy. I can not recommend the All-in-One Pump enough!!!

  52. Michael Anderson (verified owner)

    I’ve been making wine for 20 years now and bought the wine pump 3 years ago and wish I had long before. Using this pump is simple to use and gets the job done including degassing which I always had trouble with before using this pump. I highly recommend this to all home wine makers.
    Finally, Support is outstanding. Steve is very helpful, easy to get in touch with, and a pleasure to talk to.

  53. Darlene (verified owner)

    The all in one wine pump took almost a month to get here but we have finally had a chance to use it. My friend and I have been making wine together for a few years and since we are both in our mid sixties we have always joked about how we need to stock up on the wine for when we are in our eighties – lifting carboys isn’t something eighty year old women should do – with this little machine we no longer have to worry. It is so easy to use and makes wine making even more fun. I am happy my husband found it on the internet and thought my back was worth the pric

  54. Karen Walch

    I will also add my review of the All In One. We got ours several years ago and my husband was making our wine. He loved the pump and was really impressed with Steves helpfulness. He passed away in 2019 and I was left with all our wine making equipment, a love of drinking wine, and little desire to make it myself. My daughter and I decided that we better learn to make it ourselves and so we did. I am not a big person and there is no way I could make wine without this pump. I cannot lift the carboys. This pump works wonderfully and makes winemaking a breeze. We make at least 6 batches at a time and with the pump its just easy. We realized we needed a new vacuum release valve for the pump so I emailed Steve yesterday. He called me back quickly and was very helpful. My order shipped out this morning. Thank you Steve for your help. I highly recommend this pump to anyone making wine at home.

  55. MBR in Maryland (verified owner)

    As an old-guy beginner at wine-making I spent a lot of effort just trying to get my head around the process of racking and configuring a feasible wine-making setup. I also had an added issue with lifting carboys and getting the must to the press, etc., due to a recent severely ruptured disk.

    Earlier this year I went with the All-in-one-wine-pump for my first year of production. Steve reached out to make sure the purchase would meet my specific needs — especially helpful for me in this first year.

    I usually don’t do reviews of products but for me few purchases have ever worked out so well in exceeding expectations. So simple and straight forward to use, the pump and its accessories have been central to keeping the wine-making process manageable, and have enhanced the enjoyment of this fine activity. Can’t get any better than that. Salud!

  56. Richard Boyte (verified owner)

    I’ve had nothing but good results with my All-In-One Wine pump. I would would recommend it for anyone looking to get a pump. I had an electric transfer pump that I purchased first and it caused a few messes. Haven’t had any messes with the All-In-One pump. Thanks for making a high quality pump for a price that a hobbyist can afford.

  57. Brian Hollingsworth

    LOVE this pump! Just started in home winemaking about a year ago. Process and quality have drastically improved. Even better than the pump (if that’s possible) is the responsive and thoughtful customer service from Steve. Highly recommend!

  58. Subroto (verified owner)

    I got the pump this month. It works smoothly – waiting to try it on after my Fall supply comes in! Super easy to use – but if you have a question, Steve is there to help – great customer support. His pride in the product is clear.

  59. Bryan (verified owner)

    I purchased the All in one wine pump in March after reading positive review after positive review. I wanted something that would help with bottling. The All In One wine pump is so much more. First, Steve’s customer service is world class. He’s so hands on, passionate about home wine making, full of knowledge, and truly believe’s in the product that he’s created. Any time that I’ve reached out, I’ve received a call back immediately and each time that we’ve spoke on the phone, I’ve left with learning something new. Now the product, let me tell you, it works as advertised. Simple set up, and running within 5 minutes. I felt confident in the degassing capabilities and the time it saved racking was invaluable. I also purchased the headspace eliminator and again, the peace of mind it provides, I couldn’t ask for a better product. Thank you Steve for the excellent customer service and an amazing product!

  60. Lauren

    I bought my All in One Wine pump in Oct of 2014. It has been one of the best purchases I have made in wine making.
    The All-in-One-Pump has racked, degassed, filtered and bottled, thousands of bottles, and is still going strong. I just recently inspected my fittings, bungs, hoses an all, and decided to take advantage of Steve’s 1st time ever discount. I ordered replacement fittings, and some upgrades.
    Steve was kind enough to call me to make sure I was ordering all the right parts and to make sure I got full value by ordering
    a pkg set up instead of individual parts. He also offered some amazing tips I had not thought of before.
    Steve has the best customer service out there.
    Thank you Steve for all that you do.

  61. Kevin

    I have been waiting to review the All-In-One Pump until I had used it a few times. The pump has worked perfectly from the start and it is useful in many of the wine making processes from degassing to bottling. Support from Steve has been first rate and I encourage potential customers to contact him if they run into questions or problems.

  62. Michael R Alspaugh (verified owner)

    Okay…. Steve is the best customer service person I have ever had the pleasure to work with and as a contractor and man that has dealt with tons of companies that is saying a lot! I had a problem with a cracked carboy that would not let me fill it because of the crack that I did not notice. Steve called me within minutes of me emailing him and worked with me for quite a bit before I noticed what the real problem was on my end. He is the best in my book almost as good as his inventions!!!!!!! OH and QUICK shipping as well.

  63. Rick

    I received my all in one wine pump as a gift from my wife, for Christmas. She coordinated with a friend that owns one of Steve’s pumps, so I wasn’t completely aware of all of the accessories that she purchased.
    I have now racked two carboys, degassing the wine in the process, and today I bottled two batches that have been in bulk storage for nearly one year. I am not a very “mechanically inclined” person. I had absolutely no problem setting up and operating the pump for both sessions, one racking and then the bottling.
    I spoke to Steve briefly after I placed an order for additional products, that in fact I didn’t need. He called with a couple of questions and a wealth of information and advice. He canceled my order and refunded my money. He provides phenomenal customer service. Very clearly, he wants his customers to be successful and have fun using his machine. I have made more than 20 kits in the past two years, and I will continue to make about ten kits per year, saving myself a tremendous amount of time and hassle utilizing the all in one wine pump.
    My wife is happy, as the use of this pump has reduced the time that I tie up the kitchen and significantly reduced the mess that I typically make.
    I couldn’t be happier with my pump. I plan to purchase additional headspace eliminators to eliminate the need to top up my carboys after racking. This is a great product at a very reasonable price.
    Thank you, Steve.

  64. Lara

    So several things about this pump: 1) the bottle filling abilities are great. 6 gallons goes quick. The first wine I bottled I didn’t rack utilizing this pump so there was a small amount of CO2 in a few bottles, but compared to a manual filler…life changing. I do recommend making or finding a box that will hold all your bottles while filling if your sink isn’t large enough to hold a good number. It’s easy to put together, the way Steve color coded the tubes makes it fool proof. Plus, the carboy stays on the ground for filling. Bonus.
    2) I racked a wine using this pump for the first time this morning from a barrel to a carboy. Easy peasy. The best part is not having to lift the barrel or carboy, both can stay on the ground for racking. Not only does this pump rack wines quickly, the clean up is easy; just run some water followed by sanitizer through and you’re done.
    3) Last but not least, I ran into some issues while racking this morning. Complete operator error and couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. I shot Steve an email via his website and within minutes he was calling me to walk me through what I had done to figure out where the problem was. Mind you…this is Christmas Eve and he was not only quick to respond, but kind and extremely helpful during the process.
    If you’re on the fence about getting this pump I can assure you, you wont regret this purchase. The pump is very user friendly and the customer service alone puts this pump leaps and bounds above any other I’ve used. Awesome product and awesome customer service!

  65. Terry Dangler

    In the mid ’80 I made wine but stopped due to multiple back injuries. My wife and I took a wine making class in 2012. Oh how the industry had changed in 20 years, these lovely kits with excellent limited edition blends; a hobby center, where you could make your wine and not buy any equipment; and this All In One Pump, no more lifting 40 lbs. WOW. So now, at the age of 73, I’m still making wine. Hats off to Steve, his innovation, and the All In One Wine Pumb.

  66. Betty Iselin (verified owner)

    Just finished placing an order with Steve for replacement pressure release valve. I’d emailed him with questions and he called back the Same morning. How refreshing!! He explained the problem and the solution and emailed me a link to get the needed replacement valve. (Also ordered stainless steel bottling attachment!)
    While on the phone he asked about any problems I was having and I told him absolutely none. The pump was the answer to prayers. Without the All In One I would not be able to make wine. I am in my 70’s post back surgery in 1976 so I’m done lifting carboy s.
    Steve was pleased but asked if I was having any problems with my wine . So I proceeded to relay my tale of woe regarding my peach wine that will not clear. After listening to my litany of trials he suggest a fix which I’m about to try.
    In this world of “time is money”, Steve epitomizes customer service! He even asked if I’d let him know how it worked out!
    What a wonderful world it would be if we all could be as “there” for each other as Steve is for his customers. I feel funny saying “customers” as I feel more like Steve is a friend rather than a merchant. And all this on Small Business Day! Keep up the good work Steve.

  67. David Palmer (verified owner)

    Finally got to use my All In One Wine Pump today! I racked 5 gallons of peach wine from the primary to a carboy. It was so much faster than siphoning plus everything stayed on my table so no lifting a full 5 gallon carboy from the floor! Not a drop was spilled either, so no messes to clean up. I’m so glad I got mine.

  68. Jim

    We have been using the “All In One Wine Pump” for over seven years now. We have racked each carboy 4 times per year and then bottled up to 43 carboys in some years. I would have to say that we have bottled well over 6,000 bottles of wine over this period of time. The Pump has always worked perfectly and has never given us any problems. About 2 years ago we added the Precision Adjustable Vacuum Valve. This little addition has really dialed in our wine making process. Steve has always been willing and able to give us personal support when we have had questions. If we could rate Steve and the Pump with 10 stars we would!!! We just added the “Wine Filter Setup” and we will be adding the “Headspace Eliminator” bungs to our wine making inventory this year.

  69. Lisa Nordmann

    I have got to give Steve and his All In One Wine Pump a 5 star. This pump has saved me back breaking lifting of carboys. I have the original pump for glass carboys and also bought the adapter for plastic carboys. This pump has made my winemaking almost effortless. Steve is by far the best person with customer service. He has walked me through some challenges I had and follows up to make sure everything went well. You can not go wrong with any of his products. Steve is and his products are amazing!!!!

  70. Joe

    I have been using this pump for over 5 years without a problem. I’ve bottled over 5000 bottles. I wouldn’t be making wine today without the All In One. Steve is very responsive to any questions and very helpful. Great product!

  71. Gary Jones (verified owner)

    I am going to continue making wine, only because of this “wine making system”. I love my new all in one wine pump, I will never use the other Buon vino mini jet again. I just racked, filtered and bottled a batch of wine, with almost no effort. I LOVE THIS PUMP!!!!

  72. Gordon (verified owner)

    Hi Steve,
    I feel I have to make a comment regarding your product and your service. I ave owned and used my allinonepump system for over 2 years and it operated like it was advertised right out of the box. Then the system developed a problem that was traced back to the vacuum valve. I ordered a replacement valve on line from your company, the next day, actually in the evening you called me to discuss why I was purchasing another valve, that discussion was very informative and I ordered the valve complete with the tubes.
    Hats off to Steve for a great product and an even better support and service that you provided.
    Many thanks

  73. Patrick

    This product is fantastic. I wanted to upgrade my home winery to include a pump for racking and bottling purposes, and I did a lot of research on the available options. Ultimately I decided on the all in one pump because of how simple the system is.

    Before purchasing, I was able to talk on the phone with the owner, and he made sure I was getting everything I needed. He even took some extra time to explain how some of the different pieces work.

    The all in one wine pump makes racking much easier because you can put the empty carboy that you are planning to fill exactly where you want it and pump into it.

    For bottling, it takes a stressful day and makes it a fun day. Bottling on a countertop instead of the floor is so nice. It is easy to get all of the bottles to a consistent level, and just keep moving from bottle to bottle.

    I believe this is the best wine pump on the market, and you won’t find another company willing to take the time to talk to you about questions or issues you are having.

  74. Chad Redlin

    Not sure if its common practice, but in my case…never have I ordered a product, and within hours had a company representative call me personally to learn about my needs and ensure I was ordering the right parts. Sure enough, I had ordered an incorrect part. Steve corrected the part before it shipped and refunded the difference without hesitation. Never had better customer service in my life!

    As for the product, All-in-One means:
    1. Simple, fast, accurate and clean bottling. Flow control valve minimizes foaming and provides fill rate control for precise level control with minimal overfill loss. We don’t miss punt target practice either.
    2. Love vacuum racking with it: fast, AIR FREE, flow control valve adjusts rate to eliminate foaming and provide a gentle transfer.
    3. Siphoning well for transferring free run right from the primary fermenter to carboy to minimize air entrainment, pressing mess and effort.
    4. Need to degass gently and absent air, or can’t minimize your head space at the moment? Pull a vacuum on that [glass] carboy.

    Much more than just a vacuum pump and some tubing comes with the available kits (some parts we use are additions to the kit, but also worth it).

    We will never regret our decision to ‘invest’ in this product. We highly recommend it!

  75. Betty Iselin (verified owner)

    If I could give this product 10 stars I would!
    Now for the rest of the story. I bought a deluxe vacuum pump from Steve back in October. He kindly talked this senior citizen through the nuances of the pump most of which went right over my head! I transferred my first batch with no problem but the bottling was somewhat of a mess. I put it away and got busy with Christmas. Today 1-5-19 I decided to try again with water. After struggling for too long, and ready to put it away again I texted Steve who promptly CALLED me ( on a Saturday no less), and after exchanging pictures, his extreme patience paid off. I was filling one bottle after another without a drop lost! You talk about a happy camper! I must have done a case of bottles just dumping the water back in the carboy, giggling the whole while!
    The friend who taught me to make wine is still hefting those heavy car boys around and I can’t wait till he needs help bottling and I can take my All in One and blow his socks off!
    This pump is truly a life changer for me. I was ready to hang up the wine making apron as age and back surgery had taken its toll. Without Steve’s kind, patient, understanding help I wouldn’t be writing this now. You and your product, Steve, are inspirational. Blessings and thanks to you and yours.

  76. toddmoore (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the all-in-one pump because it is easy to use and works well. As a vacuum pump, it is useful for racking, degassing, and eliminating headspace during storage. It is truly an all in one solution!

  77. steve Castagnetta (verified owner)

    Great system so far as this is my first time using it for racking. I would highly recommend the head space eliminator so you don’t have to dilute your virgin wine.

    Great responsiveness from Steve the owner with answers to my questions. He is available on the weekend which is great considering most of us are not retired 🙂

  78. Victor Sawicki

    I have just used your wine pump to rack three carboy of this Fall’s wine. What a pleasure! No more lifting 50# carboys. Last spring used it to bottle, it cut the time needed by more than half. Thanks for a great product.
    Vic Sawicki

  79. Ed Warren

    I used the All in One Wine Pump to move my wine from the primary fermenter on the first floor to a carboy on the second floor. I talked to Steve about what size tubing I would need (found 1/2 in OD, 3/8 in ID at the local store), connected 20 feet of tubing from the cane in the bucket to the cane in the carboy. It moved it just fine. I had to watch the carboy to vent some of the gas as the carboy was nearly full. First time I have used it and it saved my back from moving a 6 gallon glass carboy full of wine up the stairs.It took 30 to 60 seconds to get the first of the wine from the downstairs fermentor into the upstairs carboy. I did not time the event but it was a smooth continuous fill. Maybe next time I will have the forethought to video it.

  80. Rich Lichti

    I had bought a product from a now out of business competitor to the all in one wine pump several years ago. I found this website and thought it was the same thing I had bought before. Some of the stuff was very similar but others different, but Steve has been super helpful in getting me some replacement parts to make my system work even better than before without asking me to buy his whole setup. Spent several minutes talking through stuff and looking at photos I had sent to make sure he got me the correct stuff. Can’t say enough about the customer service.
    Thanks Steve, and when this other stuff breaks down, I will be back to buy your pump as well.
    I had bought a product from a now out of business competitor to the all in one wine pump several years ago. I found this website and thought it was the same thing I had bought before. Some of the stuff was very similar but others different, but Steve has been super helpful in getting me some replacement parts to make my system work even better than before without asking me to buy his whole setup. Spent several minutes talking through stuff and looking at photos I had sent to make sure he got me the correct stuff. Can’t say enough about the customer service.
    Thanks Steve, and when this other stuff breaks down, I will be back to buy your pump as well.

  81. Tracy S (verified owner)

    Sent an email concern to Steve on Sunday evening asking for assistance in adapting my All in One Wine Pump kit to work with a large-mouth bubbler. My phone was ringing within seconds of me submitting my email … now that is service!!! He talked with me for a little bit to learn what the issue was and then came up with a solution. Can’t wait to get my adapter kit so I can start using the All in One Wine Pump! Thanks Steve!

  82. profitman98 (verified owner)

    Well I decided last minute to order the AIO Wine pump to bottle last years wine 300 bottles, I was going to do it by gravity like I have always done, but I was really dreading the long day process especially since this is double the wine I made the prior year. So I called Steve last Thursday late afternoon, and told him I would be bottling next Thursday would I have it in time if I ordered it now, well I received the package on Saturday. Really crazy fast service, not to mention Steve thoroughly reviewed everything with me, so I had a very clear picture of how everything worked. Well I had 1 person sanitizing bottles, 1 person corking and packing the bottles and I was filling the bottles. took 3-1/2 hours to bottle 300 bottles, I could just about keep up with the corker. Saved me a full day not to mention saved my back. It was real nice to be able to stand and fill the bottles. Forgot to mention I had a question while I was bottling and gave Steve a call, he actually picked up the phone and answered my question. just awesome service. Really a great tool that I will use for many years. If anyone is interested I’m selling my Buon Vino Super Jet wine filter & Pump and also my Mini Jet.
    Thanks Steve great product really a time and back saver.

  83. Scott in UT (verified owner)

    Wish I had found this year’s ago. No more whipping air into my wines to degas. I can now filter my wines and bottling is so much easier. It’s a remarkable product and Steve’s sevice is off the charts.

  84. Dee (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Says it all. I love my AIO pump. My husband works a lot so I usually have to do the heavy lifting myself. No more thank to Steve and his wonderful invention! Having the aio is great addition to my wine making arsenal. Every question I asked Steve was responsive and made sure that I was comfortable with the product. He is very open to communicate your concerns and is there to answer any questions you might have with installation and technical issues or capabilities. Trust me best purchase any wine maker could make!

  85. Frank (verified owner)

    I’m 70 years old and I recently broke my shoulder in a bycicle accident. Without my AIO I would be out of the wine business! Thank you so very much for this wonderful wine pump. I hesitate to call it a pump because it is so much more! Racking, bottling , degassing, head space eliminator, it does it all!

  86. Mary (verified owner)

    Why oh why did I wait so long to acquire this gem? I recently purchased the Deluxe All In One package, the headspace eliminator and the precision adjustable vacuum valve. I’ve used the AIO to rack and bottle several times now, and it is amazing. I have not lifted a full carboy once since this pump arrived…what a back saver! I bottled without and then with the precision adjustable vacuum valve, and I really like using the valve to control the speed of filling bottles; I like to have the valve completely open for bottling, and keep it closed for racking. I have yet to try out the headspace eliminator, but I am sure that it will be just as ingenious as the rest of my setup ( I currently use a VacuVin stopper and pump to eliminate headspace when degassing). Have also not yet tried out the filter feature as I still need to make some kind of box to attach the bracket to, to stabilize the filter housing. I don’t want a permanent location for the bracket, so am planning to make a portable frame out of pieces of 2×4 and just haven’t made the time to do it.

    Steve called me on the telephone within minutes of my placing my order and visited with me about my experience with winemaking, then went over with me the items that I was ordering. He also gave me recommendations on where to find the filters and filter housing and bracket. My order arrived very quickly, and about a week or two later Steve called me again to see how things were going. A few weeks later I sent an email to Steve with a question re: racking to degas, and no sooner than I hit the “Send” button than my phone rang and it was Steve calling to answer my question. Nowhere else will you find this level of customer service! Thank you Steve!!

    If you are on the fence about purchasing the AIO I say make the move. I am 100+% satisfied with my purchase.

    (Steve, please let me know when you have perfected a label remover that is as efficient as your AIO pump…I’ll be one of the first in line)

  87. Jim Fox (verified owner)

    I bought the All-In-One Deluxe about 2 months ago and it was the best investment I’ve made in wine making. This thing is ingenious, yet simple and frankly, I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner!
    I just finished making a 6 gallon carboy of Gewurztraminer from a kit. Having made many kits of wine, I know it’s really hard not to make wine without a lot of clean up and lugging heavy wine-filled carboys from the kitchen to fermentation areas and back again, I know it can be a lot of work and always requires clean up. But not anymore! After watching the videos online, I decided to cold ferment, rack, degas, and bottle the Gewurztraminer in my carpeted home office with nothing but a small piece of painter’s plastic to protect the carpet. I never spilled a drop! The All-In_one made the whole thing clean and easy because I never had to move a full carboy full of wine.
    Racking the wine took about 2-3 minutes, literally. The system is really easy to clean and sanitize.
    Degassing was mostly accomplished during the racking process. Still, I used the All-in-one to degas just to make sure. I did get a few extra bubbles and it only took about 10 minutes under vacuum to completely degas my wine.
    Bottling was super easy. I was thrilled to leave the finished wine on the floor while using the All-In-One to bottle at table level. Once I sanitized my bottles, I put them in an empty storage container on a table. Using the bottling attachment and vacuum release button, I was able to cleanly bottle my wine in about 10 minutes. By simply pushing the vacuum release button and moving the bottling attachment from bottle to bottle, the whole thing was done in a few minutes. My biggest problem is that because I had no loss of wine in the process, I needed to stop to sanitize 2 extra bottles for filling! 🙂 My empty storage container was clean when I finished and only served to hold the bottles upright while I filled them.
    The bottom line is that this product is better than I ever expected. The support that Steve, the owner/inventor gives is exceptional. He is completely dedicated to making sure all of his customers are successful and completely satisfied.
    Recommendation: Ask Steve about the new bottling regulator that tops off the bottles with no foam. It’s not really a major issue, but it makes bottling just that much easier.

  88. Roy Boone (verified owner)

    I just racked and then bottled 29 bottles of wine and didn’t spill a single drop. What a brilliant way to make such a tedious chore almost fun!

  89. Fred Black (verified owner)

    I’ve had my AIO for almost 2 months now and I’m still kicking my own butt for not getting it sooner. So many people kept telling me it should be my next investment and I just didn’t listen. Although the videos are very informative I felt it necessary to talk to Steve directly to make sure I was ordering the necessary parts and pieces for my operation and of course he was extremely pleasant to talk with. He even recommended not buying certain things at this time. The color coded system makes it almost impossible to connect wrong. I normally allow time to degas my wine but degassing with the headspace eliminator makes it a crime not to. Everything about the pump is great but my favorite is bottling. My only dissappointment is when I run out of thing to do with it. And my only dissappointment with Steve is he didn’t let me come up with the idea first.

    Steve, Kudos to you and thank you for coming up with this pruduct.

  90. Paul Cascio (verified owner)

    Saves times, and saved my back too. I wish I would have bought it sooner.

  91. Allen (verified owner)

    Filtered & bottled 6 gallons of Riesling, racked & bottled 5 gallons of Blackberry wine, racked an additional 5 gallons of Blackberry wine, racked 6 gallons of Blackberry Smash Mead, racked 6 gallons of Lemon Mead, all with the help of the All In One Wine Pump. Had a few questions messaged Steve and he was on the phone with me and very helpful!

  92. Evans (verified owner)

    With all the BS advertising being flooded into Facebook, I feel like when we get a product that does what is advertised and upholds the claims made, we should acknowledge those facts so those wanting or needing to can benefit from our experiences.
    A few months ago I ordered and received an All in One wine pump. After having used it numerous times for racking and bottling, I can tell you that this little gem does more than is claimed. At 66 yrs old I no longer an lift a carboy full of wine, too painful! The pump does the racking. I just finished bottling 88 bottles this past week and it actually took me longer to clean up than it did to bottle and cork. I also know that if I have a problem, Steve is right there and his customer service is second to none.
    The AllinOneWinePump is a very good investment. Well made and worth the $$

  93. Tom Robinett (verified owner)

    For me, the most dreaded chore in home winemaking is bottling. While it may have its rewards somewhere down the road, it is, in my past experience, the most awful waste of two or more hours. Only cutting grass is worse. No More! My wife and I bottled our first six gallon batch with the All-In-One pump last Saturday, and, after the bottles were sanitized, it took us a grand total of 30 minutes! The fill level in all of the bottles was identical, and clean up afterwards was a snap! I am absolutely delighted with this purchase (my wife, too), and I would highly recommend this device to anyone who makes wine, even if you only use it for bottling. I takes all of the drudgery out of the process, leaving only the enjoyment behind.

  94. evans medine (verified owner)

    I had to come up with a better way to handle my carbouys. I went from glass to PET, and that helped some, but they were still too heavy for me. I started looking at pumps, and read some good reviews on the Allinone system. I asked a question on the web site and was surprised when Steve the owner called me! We talked for twenty minutes and he assured me that if I was unhappy with his equipment, I could return it for a full refund. So I took a chance and ordered one. I used it today for the first time and let me tell you, I am very happy with it. I was able to rack two 7 gal PET carbouys and clean up with everything put away in 30 minutes! When I came into the house from the wine porch, my wife said I thought you were busy racking Wine this afternoon! When I told her I was done, she had to go out and look for herself! Steve doesn’t advertise, only by way of satisfied customers. Well, I’m a satisfied customer! If you are considering a pump give the Allinone a look, talk to Steve, you won’t be disappointed!

  95. Timothy Hauff (verified owner)

    I purchased the Deluxe All in One Vacuum Pump and it has been fantastic. Racking and filtering my wine is wonderful. Bottling is significantly easier now, since the design allows me to fill quickly and fill the bottles to the same height. I also love the adjustable vacuum control it makes adjusting the rate of flow of your wine to whatever works best for your condition or comfort. This is by far the best product I have purchased for my home wine making. LOVE IT!
    Thanks Steve!

  96. Paula (verified owner)

    I love my new wine pump. I have to agree with all of the others that stated that this is the best piece of equipment they have. While I love my wine making hobby it could get rather time consuming to rack the many batches of wine I have going. I would have to plan an entire afternoon to do it. No more. The allinonewinepump is an awesome piece of equipment that makes me smile every time I use it because it saves me time and works great. I demonstrated using it for my in laws and now they are getting one too!

  97. Rob

    Nice machine,works very well, great time saver, and makes racking very convenient and much safer than lifting those heavy carboys.

  98. Alan Shirey (verified owner)

    I purchased the AOI about six months ago and it has changed the way I make wine. All for the better. Transferring the Must, Aging, degassing, filtering and bottling. This little pump, with all if its well thought out accessories, is the best single purchase that I have made in this adventure.
    And product support would take another, glowing, review. When is the last time you had quick and competent support when you had a question? Buy the pump!

  99. Calvin

    I Purchased an allinonewinepump 5 years ago, must say that I’m extremely happy with my vac pump and the service can’t be beat. today after 5 years and batch # 39 (6gal carboy) I was using the pump to degas. Well pump quit working and I figured I burned the motor. I got on internet, made a request to see if I could just purchase another motor, in about 5 min Steve called, told him what I had done. He told me wait 10~15min and pump would restart. Also, if it didn’t he would repair at a reasonable price. Also recommended not to use as a degasser and recommended a precision adjustable vacuum valve to solve the problem. If it were not for the pump I would not be able to do this as one of my many hobbies. Being I retired w/major spinal reconstruction in 2009 and can’t lift much wt without hurting for several days. Thanks again Steve for the top quality merchandise and service.

  100. Jeff Shoemaker

    The All in One Wine Pump is so easy to use, my 5 yr old can use it! No, really! A great unit with many uses. You will not be sorry you bought it. Please see my full review on my home winemaking blog:

  101. Todd

    Update- I’ve had this pump for over 5 years and want to report how great it is. Our division of our wine club (Pinot Garagio – started in a garage), we bottle over 300 bottles at a time. 3 years ago we ran it so hard that it over heated, I called Steve, who told me how to let it cool. Less that 20 minutes later, we were back in business. I now build in short breaks, and haven’t had a problem since. This pump is still going strong. It speeds up racking, and is a Godsend for bottling. I just learned about his new vacuum controller, and can’t wait to use it. I’m sure that it will reduce the amount of air in the bottles. I’ve developed a good touch for hitting the vacuum release to let the wine level settle at the right place. Beyond the great quality of this pump is the personal service from Steve. He will bend over backward to make you happy. I recently ordered the wrong product. He noticed it and phoned to get me straightened out – no charge! My initial investment has far more than paid off.

  102. Matt Iannacone (verified owner)

    Purchased the Deluxe Kit & was thoroughly pleased with the ease & efficiency in which it functioned. Cut my bottling time better then half & I did not spill or waste one drop of wine. I will recommend this ingenious product to my wine making friends

  103. Fayne McDowell (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and customer service. Got my All-in-One from Santa Claus this past Christmas and don’t understand how I have got alone without it. Ranking, bottling is so quick and easy now that we at Sweet Cheeks enjoy making as much as drinking it. Steve is outstanding, drop him a quick email and within a few minutes he is on the phone. Now if Steve can create a labeling device! Thanks Steve for your interest and creations. Looking forward to Christmas in 2017. What could be next?

  104. Steve Grabowski (verified owner)

    I purchased the Deluxe All in One Vacuum Pump about a year ago, and it has been fantastic. Racking wine is much easier now, and I don’t have to worry about degassing, as long as I keep to my racking schedule. Bottling is significantly easier now, since the design allows me to fill quickly and fill the bottles to the same height. There is a small learning curve to using this vacuum pump, but a quick practice with water, and then “practicing” by sanitizing the lines and bottles/carboys is all that is needed. This is by far the best product I have purchased for my home wine making.

  105. Mitchell K. Roberts (verified owner)

    As a home wine maker, this All-in-one-Pump is the one item to date, that has offered the greatest impact to this hobby. I have used it twice so far, at first glimpse, it appears to be complicated to connect up. This is false – the color-codes make it very easy.
    Clean-up – runs some water through the tubing – how easy is that!
    It is by no doubt an excellent product.
    Further, I have emailed Steve the owner a question or two on a couple occasions, what I have found. I have found Steve to be very sharp, attentive and very customer centric.

  106. Mark

    I was able to see this unit in action while picking up juice with the McHenry county corkers club a few years back. I knew I wanted one and wouldn’t you know it, Santa brought it later that same year. Fast forward almost 3 years and at least 45 rackings and 450+ bottles it’s still going strong. The only part that I have had to replace was the vacuum relief valve, which incidentally had a shortened life span because of my own doing. Regardless, I spoke with Steve, who directed me to the proper steps in ordering it, which I of course botched the online order. He called me back immediately and we corrected the issue. Great product and great customer service, can you really ask for much more these days?

  107. Greg

    This system works wonderfully. I’ve had it for almost 3 years now and it just keeps going. Recently I had my vacuum release valve start to leak. I contacted customer service about it and had a phone call within minutes of sending the question. Impressive in its self but even more so because it was on a Saturday. Now that’s customer service.

  108. Mike Balk

    Beautiful system. Everything you need and all thoughtfully put together and gorgeously packaged. Racking is simple, and bottling is remarkably easy. All with reduced oxygenation. I love this system.

  109. steve (verified owner)

    I got a very good review from Daniel Pambianchi –
    here is a link about him –


    This is his review of the Allinonewinepump review –

    I had the opportunity to talk to Daniel –
    I must say he is highly educated man, what I have noticed is his willingness to help out any home wine maker that posts a question or a concern on facebook. He is a very down to earth kind of person with a wealth of winemaking knowledge !
    Thanks Steve

  110. JimmyH

    I purchased the All in One Wine Pump a few months ago and have used it for racking several times. The amount of time this thing saves is incredible. You can rack a 5 or 6 gallon carboy in just a few minutes. It is done under vacuum which reduces exposure to air, and you do not have to move the carboys anywhere… there is no heavy lifting or risk of dropping carboys… very convenient.

    Last weekend, I used the AIO for bottling for the first time. I practiced the bottling technique using water with about 4 bottles and then I had the hang of it. Once all of the hose connections are made and the unit is set up, place racking cane into the wine to be bottled, then you place the bottling attachment/stopper into an empty bottle, turn on the pump, and once the vacuum is established the flow of wine into the bottle begins. As it gets towards the top, you can lightly press the vacuum break button and it will slow the flow. Once the desired fill level is reached (or even if it goes above), you fully depress the vacuum break button and the fill level adjusts to the bottom of the fill tube… this provides a consistent fill level in each bottle. Then, you simply lift the bottling attachment/stopper off the bottle and place it into another empty bottle, let go of the vacuum break button and the flow begins again. I used Steve’s suggestion and placed the bottles in a milk crate to keep them upright/stable while filling. This really worked great… it went very quickly and I literally barely lost a drop of the 18 gallons that I bottled.

    In addition to the functioning of the unit, Steve provides top notch service for this product. He is very responsive and actually prefers to talk on the phone with you rather than email. He makes sure he understands and answers any questions you might have and offers very helpful suggestions. It is good to know that he stands behind his product and will be there to help with any issues/questions that might come up. Overall, this is hands down one of the best purchases I have made. It makes crucial winemaking tasks simple and convenient. Great product!

  111. Jon Anderson

    Purchased my allinone about 2 1/2 months ago now and have to say, “why did I wait so long”. I mainly purchased it so I didn’t have to lift heavy carboys, but racking and bottling are a breeze now. Well worth the $. Thank you Steve for a great product and great support. This guy goes out of his way to make sure everything is right!

  112. Nick (verified owner)

    For the past 5 years I have been making 72 gallons of wine in my basement annually. I was using auto siphons and bottle fillers with gravity filling. Getting up there in age, it became a painful task to lift those 1/2 full 6 gallon carboys.

    I decided it was time to purchase a wine pump. In researching I found the All-in-One seemed to meet my requirements. The past two weekends I was able to double rack and bottle all of my wine in record time and my back thanks you.

    The one feature I love is the degassing splash racking cane. My wine is now smooth and I don’t have to waste time trying to remove the CO2 gas.

    Steve, this is an awesome product and I thank you for making my job easier and more enjoyable.

  113. Rob

    My review is probably not going to create any new earth shattering revelations. Why? Because as I read through the many positive reviews before my purchase, I found myself having followed a very similar path to many before me. The DIY aspect of brewing and wine making attracted me to the hobby, and I thought about the “cool” factor of re-using a brake pump for degassing wine… until I tried it. After spending 30 minutes with the manual method, I told my wife that my birthday present to myself was going to be the AIO unit. Steve called me to confirm my requirements which was amazing, and he answered all of my questions about the filters which had perplexed me a bit. I racked my first batch of wine this weekend, and I didn’t look like Popeye with the bulging arms working the brake pump. I’ll save the workouts for the Y, and instead enjoy my wine making hobby.

    Thanks Steve for the great product, and I can’t wait for my next bottling day in a month or so when I get to try the bottling attachment.

  114. Mike

    Your comment is awaiting approval

    After reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try. I thought I’d be smart and mix my order to save a couple of dollars and be able to do more things. I placed my order and within 30 minutes had a call From Steve. He talked me through a few things and we went with the Deluxe Unit. I have only racked/degased once and have played with water trying to bottle. The unit works Great!!! This unit is a must have if your up in years or have a lifting problem. Thanks Steve for being there.

  115. Jim Mann (verified owner)

    Before the AIO, the brake bleeder and auto siphon were fine. The first few batches were bottled prior to the AIO and are drinking very well. I know I can make excellent wines without it.

    But, wine making is something I pretty much do my own (turns out, only the wine DRINKING is the team sport in my house). I work 60+ hours a week and have more hobbies than time. Since I got mine, I found:

    * The AIO eliminates a lot of the tedium in winemaking (e.g. stirring wine or pumping a brake bleeder till my arm feels like it’s going to fall off).

    * With arthritis in my neck, back and hands, I can only do so much lifting, gripping and loading, before I’m done. The AIO eliminates most of that.

    * The old way to fill bottles always resulted in a cup or two on the floor or in the tub. Acceptable losses I suppose. But, there is no lost wine with the AIO.

    In plain terms, the difference between the auto siphon and the AIO is like the difference between a hand corker and a floor corker to me. Winemaking is so much better with the latter.

    I will eventually get the AIO bottle washer, too. Standing at the sink and cleaning bottles for an hour usually results in needing 4 Advil and laying on the floor for a while. So, that’s next on my list of must-haves.

    Great product, Steve!

  116. Mark

    I used my All-in-One pump for the first time yesterday. I went on line and printed the manual, what a waste of paper….with the color coding of the lines, it was all pretty much self-explanatory. I had a beer to bottle and four five gallon batches of wine to tinker with…figured I’d do the beer and one batch of wine to get used to the pump. About 45 minutes later I had the beer in the bottling bucket and had racked each 5 gallon batch of wine to a fresh carboy, cleaned the carboy, and racked back into it…two rackings per batch….just to degas. So smooth, easy, clean, and fast….I used one small paper towel to mop up a few drips.

    Then, I took the pump down the hill and racked two batches of wine for my nice neighbor lady….there is a WOW factor when watching the pump work for the first time! Frankly, I never thought using the auto-siphon to rack was that big of deal, no problem really. But, that pump is just awesome and almost effortless.

    Then I bottled the five gallon batch of beer. As I stood there admiring my handiwork, it dawned on me….I could have used the All-in-One to bottle the beer…I just didn’t think about it…and I’m comfortable with my wand/bottle/cap routine. Does anybody bottle beer with the pump?

    I’ve always wondered about all the rave reviews for the pump….I now understand why. Really good piece of equipment.

  117. Jon Bush

    I have had my unit for over 2 years and it has become one of my most important items for wine making. It gets used about 1-2/week and usually multiple times each day.

    Transfers: I never use my autosiphon for wine (only beer). From bucket into carboy and with every racking the AIO can not be beat. Each transfer also helps to degas the wine so manual/drill stirring is no more.

    One of the best things is when you transfer into a 5 gallon carboy and fill it up but there is still some left in the original … no need to restart an autosiphon. Just get your sanitized 1/2 gallon jug and move your siphon unit into that and away you go. Still have some left? Plug in the bottling attachment and put the rest into a wine or beer bottle, you don’t have to leave anything behind that you don’t want to.

    I keep my carboys either on plastic planter stands with wheels or milk crates. I do not have to lift anything so no risk of accidentally dropping a full glass carboy and ruining the day.

    Bottling: Easy as well. Carboy sits on the ground and I can line up my table with all my bottles. Go one by one and fill them all in 10 minutes.

    There are not many pieces of equipment that if they were to break or malfunction that I couldn’t rig something else I have to take its place. However when my AllinOne’s final days arrive (no time in sight) I will be on the website purchasing another the same day!

  118. Alberta Dave

    After 2 plus years this has been a life saver. I had both shoulders operated on so the pump became a tool that was needed. I was incapacitated for 6 weeks and the pump saved the day. I am still behind a few carboys or kits about 6 but will catch up. The service I get from Steve is # 1 in my books and deserves all the accolades possible. Good work Steve.

  119. Cody Gish (verified owner)

    This is a follow-up review, since I have used the All in One Wine Pump now for six months.

    This review – with attached pictures – is posted here:

    Bottled three batches totaling 23.5 gallons – 117 bottles – with my All in One Wine Pump this weekend. Racked two five gallon batches as well. The ability to move wine laterally or ‘uphill’ is invaluable. The ability to degas, which helps with the clearing process, is a wonderful bonus. Note the picture of the bottle of Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead. If you haven’t made JOAM, it uses bread yeast that is both slow to settle and will fluff back up into the mead if you look at the carboy funny. With the AIO, there is no need to move the carboy or disturb the yeast. Two rackings, and it is perfectly clear – no stirring, chemicals, or other complications. The AIO’s vacuum racking and degassing translates into a lot less work for the one making the wine – or mead in this case.

    Total spillage while bottling 117 bottles? Less than a finger’s width in the bottom of the overflow bottle, and it was only that much because I got distracted and tried to fill an all ready full bottle.

    The All in One Wine Pump is highly recommended.

  120. Leander(Lee) Jones (verified owner)

    I ordered the All in one Pump back in December of 2015 and have used it enough to give an honest opinion concerning the effectiveness of the product. I have only been making wine for 4 years now and honestly, I don’t know how I got along without the pump. Before the pump, I had to get help from my wife to rack to prevent making a mess from spills which was very frustrating. I was averaging only four batches of wine a year. With this pump, I am now able to make rack and degas wine without help and no spills. I am averaging four batches of wine a month now and look forward to the next batch because it is so much fun now. I’ve even stepped up my “A” game with the filtering kit from Steve. Even his customer service is one of the best that I’ve ever had experience with. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this pump and please consider some of the other products as well to have more fun with wine making.

  121. Frederick (verified owner)

    I just received my All in one wine pump and give it a try as soon as I unbox it. I had 2 kit to degas and it was a real charm. It is very easy to use and work well and fast.
    A must have accessories !

    Thanks to Steve for that product !

  122. Mike (verified owner)

    Ordered my AI1 pump a few weeks ago, and tonight was my first time opening it and using it. Very well packaged, with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions. Set up was a breeze and straightforward. I had 3 batches to rack and was done in under 30 minutes, including assembly. I practiced first on a Carboy full of iodaphor, both to get the hang of operation, and to sanitize the equipment.

    This thing is worth every penny, and the customer service I received from Steve is second to none. I highly recommend this product to anyone who makes even a moderate amount of wine. The time and labor this saves, not to mention the degassing and lower risk to oxygen exposure will pay for itself in short order.

    I am very pleased with my purchase.

  123. Andrew R

    After several years of use (making about 800 bottles per year), I had an issue recently with my pump not having as much pressure as it once did. I contacted Steve and he told me to immediately send it back to him to have a look. It turns out that I got some red wine in the pump. In other words, my fault. For an amazingly minimal cost, Steve rebuilt my pump. I doubt that you can get service like this from any firm. Thanks again, Steve!

  124. Zachary S. (verified owner)

    I purchased the AIO on a Monday evening after work and received it by Wednesday mid-day. Within ten minutes of purchasing through the website, I received a phone call from Steve. Steve was extremely helpful in answering any questions I had before receiving the product, explained the benefits of the AIO, and offered me some advice on home winemaking (as I am newer to this).

    As far as using the AIO – it has been tremendously beneficial to have this piece of equipment. I purchased the deluxe kit, and have used it to vacuum rack several carboys. As others have said, it eliminates the need for lifting and maneuvering your carboys. It also makes racking a much cleaner, more efficient, undertaking. I am beyond satisfied with both the product and the customer service. I highly recommend to anyone.

  125. Linda (verified owner)

    Thank you, Steve. I received the pump/filler very quickly – even with Thanksgiving in the middle. I transferred and bottled a couple gallons of water before putting it into service. It worked great!

    You spent a long time on the phone with me mid-summer, on a Sunday no less, answering questions and providing insight as a small business owner. Months passed and you reached out to check if I needed anything…even before I made my purchase. Thank you.

    Your level of customer service is exceptional and your willingness to help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help with my business.

    Rocky Mountain Vinegar Works

  126. J. Bryant

    Steve is a Super Guy,I purchased this great machine and it worked perfectly … until .. I let the vacuum pump overflow, overflow.

    Steve repaired the unit {it was well over a year old}, he fixed it very quickly and at a very, very reasonable rate.

    I like the pump unit so much, that I have ordered a second pump.

    Give this pump a try, you will be very, very satisfied.

  127. bpetnoi

    Damn Great Service
    When was the last time a vendor called you to answer a question you sent via an email? For me that hasn’t happened for so long I can’t remember when it did occur, but Steve called and more than answered the questions I had about the equipment I purchased from him and other equipment new to me. So what is so special about that you might ask? For me a newbie to wine making it is some thing very important. Steve answers questions and makes suggestions, but he doesn’t pressure you to buy more unless he thinks you might need it and only after you clearly understand why it is being suggested. He is willing to share expertise in both wine making and the use of equipment to make wine making easier.

    SERVICE, what a concept ! Thanks Steve

  128. Steve

    Bought the AIO several months ago, used it when I bottled my LE Triumph.
    At the time had only used the Ferrari wine filler on a couple carboys.
    Needless to say was very happy with how quick, clean and efficient the AIO performed.
    This past Saturday, we racked 6 carboys using the AIO. Now my partner in wine had no idea that I purchased it nor did he ever hear of something like this.
    On proceeding with the first carboy all he could say was “wow” this is so much better than last time! I think what he and I were most impressed about was two things;
    How much wine we were able to transfer over leaving an absolute minimum of wine and sediment behind. This compared to our last year when we lost a lot due to inexperience.
    Second as the receiving carboy was nearing capacity you witness the CO2 just bubbling out of solution. We were tempted to rack wine a couple more times to clear CO2 but just did not have enough time on hand.
    Let him know that we will be using this to bottle as well again “wow” as he grinned.

  129. Ed Koenke

    WOW what a great device. My friend and I make 4 , 6 gallon carboys of
    wine at a time and we used to do it the old way – I mean lift the
    carboy, siphon etc etc etc. I was lucky enough to come across the
    All In One Wine Pump while doing research on-line and we decided to
    buy one. What a time saver and very easy to use. I showed it to a
    friend who makes wine and he wanted one so I ordered one for
    him. His cousin also makes wine and he wanted one, so I ordered one
    for him. They are very happy with this product and it is MADE IN
    AMERICA! Can you believe it – what’s more, the help and quick
    response from Steve is outstanding. I sent an email to him and
    within 15 minutes he was on the phone answering my questions. I must
    say that I highly recommend this product.

  130. Stan (verified owner)

    We’ve got it all. Wine making is truly an addiction and ALL the AllInOne products make it so much more fun. I don’t lift carboys anymore. I don’t spill wine when filling bottles. The Head Space Eliminators let me know that there is a slight vacuum on the carboy creating a CO2 layer on top of the wine protecting it from oxygen. Washing bottles and carboys is SO much easier. Everything is faster. We did our first two kits in February the “old” way. Since we got the AIO products we have done 7 more kits with three more on the way. Thanks Steve for your great products! Ladies and gentlemen these tools are the real deal.

  131. Cody Gish (verified owner)

    I ordered an AllInOneWinePump from Steve last Monday – 9/14/15 – and it arrived on Friday – 9/18/15. I ordered the beer bottling attachment and three AIO Headspace Eliminators in addition to the Deluxe Pump Package. The only thing I would add if I were ordering again is several more HeadSpace Eliminators. Turns out three is not enough.

    Initial thoughts on arrival:
    The shipping box came nicely packed and arrived safely via UPS. My initial impression upon opening the box was “wow, that is a lot of parts and hoses”. However, about five minutes with the instructions and I had a basic idea where everything went. The box that holds the pump is solid with no loose parts or sharp edges. The painted decal on the front is a nice touch. There seems to be a pattern in today’s manufacturing to continue adding features until the product doesn’t do anything very well. The AllInOneWinePump does not suffer from this malady. Every part has a place and there are no extra switches, bells, or whistles to confuse the customer. From my perspective, this is a very positive thing.

    Overall initial impression: Very Good.

    First use:
    My weekend was busy, so it was Monday until I got to use my new toy. I had 6 gallons of Winexpert Chocolate Raspberry Port and 13 gallons of Dragon Blood to rack. I started by moving some OxiClean around to clean my carboys and get a feel for the pump. Hooking up the hoses was simple and easy since all of the connections are color coded. I moved five gallons of Oxiclean three times (into three carboys) and then gravity fed the Oxiclean back to the cleaning bucket to make sure my autosiphon was good and clean.

    After getting acquainted with the basic functions of racking, I started moving wine around. The splash racking device worked very well for degassing the wine, but I ran into a problem with two of my carboys. I noticed that the bung on the splash racking assembly seemed a little small, but I figured it was deliberate so I kept going. Pretty soon I heard a loud pop and hiss as the bung got sucked down into the carboy. With a little effort, I pulled it out and finished my racking by holding onto the splash racking assembly so it could not be sucked down into the carboy. When I went to the next carboy, the bung fit perfectly – there was no chance it would suck through the opening. That made me curious, so I took a good look at my carboys. Turns out I have three made in Mexico and one made in Italy. The opening on the Italian one is just slightly smaller than the openings on the Mexican ones. All told, I racked the Port once and the Dragon Blood twice (to be sure it was degassed).

    The ability to move 110 lbs of wine out of the fermentation chamber without lifting it all at once is invaluable.

    Bottling Beer:
    On Tuesday, I used the beer bottling attachment to bottle 5 gallons of Chocolate Porter.

    Nothing makes bottling fun, but this is a lot easier than lifting 5-7 gallons up to waist level or higher so the bottling bucket is above the bottles. With two people the AllInOneWinePump would make bottling fast and simple. It makes it tolerable for one person by eliminating a lot of the repeated moves and heavy lifting. I cleaned and sanitized the overflow bottle, planning on drinking any spillovers. As it turned out, it was a good thing I had a hydrometer sample because I only had a finger’s width of spill over from filling 52 bottles.

    Incidentally, most of that spillover was foam, since the CO2 in beer makes more foam under vacuum than a still wine does. Overall, I am very happy with this portion of the AllInOneWinePump.

    Customer Service:
    As many people have reported, Steve’s customer service and response times are legendary. I have sent him one email through his website and one PM through WineMakingTalk. Both were late in the evening (after nine P.M.). In both cases, Steve responded with a phone call in less than half an hour. The first time we talked, we got disconnected and Steve called me back. That kind of customer service is rare.

    I sent the second message after I had the trouble I mentioned earlier with the small bung on the splash racking assembly. Steve called within a half hour – at about 10:30 at night – to fix the issue. It turns out that I am not the only one with multiple sized openings on various carboys. Since people use everything from one gallon to 6.5 gallon carboys and even ones of the same size may have different openings, Steve sends one #6.5 bung and one #7 bung for racking. My #7 was on my racking cane, so it was a simple fix to move the #7 to the splash racking assembly and store the #6.5 with the racking cane. Steve told me that the #6.5 is for smaller carboys and smaller openings. It seemed obvious after he pointed it out, and my racking would have gone smoother if I had stopped and asked a few questions when I ran into trouble. The answers were all there, I just had to ask.

    Overall customer service experience: Excellent.

    Final Thoughts: [TL : DR]
    Like others have noted, the AllInOneWinePump is a good product. The pump is simple and solid. The extras – beer bottling attachment and AIO Headspace Eliminators – add value to an already quality product. Steve’s customer service is excellent. The purchase of an AllInOneWinePump is highly recommended.


  132. VinoKS (verified owner)

    I ordered my All In One wine pump kit a few weeks ago on a Wednesday. It was delivered on Friday (two days later). I opened the box, but didn’t have time to touch it for a couple of weeks. I did email Steve with one question about whether I could use it with an auto siphon racking setup and he called me within 10 minutes. We chatted for about 20 minutes. This is the type of service that all companies should strive for. I was floored. I had read about his customer service on here, but it truly is reality.

    I did not use the pump at all until this weekend, when I had a batch to bottle. I hooked it up to play with for a few minutes. I racked some water between two carboys, then used it to fill two bottles with water. That was all the practice that I had before racking my wine to a carboy, then filling 30 bottles. It was so easy to use, even only having 5 minutes of playing with it before. I did notice while racking my wine to its bottling carboy how much CO2 it removed. I was amazed that I still had that much gas in it, and how much the All In One removed! I thought it was thoroughly degassed, but I was wrong!

    I am extremely pleased with my All in One Wine pump. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and works perfectly. I cannot wait to use it again when it’s racking or bottling time again. Thanks, Steve!

  133. Sue H (verified owner)

    Bought my all in one about a month ago. Its been sitting in my work space waiting for bottling and racking time. Gotta say I have been itching to use it and this weekend was it. Did a test run with some H2O to be sure I had a handle on everything. Hooked my hoses and canes and went to it.
    1. Did not have to pick up a carboy….back and shoulders happy!
    2. Plenty of hose length to reach what I needed
    3. Quite
    4. Quick
    5. Release valve allows for control
    6. No lost wine from overfilling bottles
    7. Easy to set up, sterilize, and clean…. like the color coding
    8. All the pieces I needed were there and no gerry rigging was needed.
    9. Had some questions about foam and gas concerns and sent a message out on the A-I-O site and had a response and call within a few hours addressing my concerns.
    10 Even made my own adjustment to do a straight vacuum degas without racking. Worked great.

    Best investment I have made in my wine making in a long time. So what are ya waiting for? Just get one.
    Thanks for your help and a great product Steve!

  134. Tim Christensen

    At Fermentations Home Winemaking Center we were looking for a solution to our need for transferring customer wines after stabilization up to the clarification stage, and considered a custom mechanical lift to pick up the glass carboys so they could be raised to a suitable height for siphoning into a clean vessel. Just before ordering the custom lift, I discovered this product and couldn’t be happier. For the price of one mechanical lift we could purchase seven (7) of these All-in-One Wine Pumps, but after 2-1/2 years and about 1,200 wine kits (36,000 bottles) our original pump continues to serve us faithfully. Thanks, Steve!

  135. Jim Mc

    I finally broke down and bought an Allinone wine pump. I have been looking at these for almost six months trying to decide if I should buy one. I have been known by friends as being very frugal (OK, Cheap). I just started making wine about a year ago and have made four or five kits since then. During this time, I have been reading the reviews looking for just one negative review that would support not buying one. I have been unable to find even one. I even did my own research into buying a pump and then trying to buy all the hoses, stoppers and valves to make it work similar to the Allinone pump. When I added it all up, it just didn’t make sense to try to reinvent the wheel to get the same thing that already has been assembled, and by all accounts worked well. I didn’t have to try to figure out how to drill through the various bungs and when I added it all up it wasn’t any less expensive (remember I’m frugal!). I think what really helped me decide was last week when I opened a bottle of wine I bottled last fall and was disappointed when it came out fizzy as if it had a light carbonation. I had spent many hours using a drill mounted stirrer on this wine before bottling.
    So, I e-mailed Steve with a question and he called me back almost immediately. We spoke for a while and he explained how the Allinone pump works and how it can degas a wine while racking. He also told me about the headspace eliminator which can also help degas a wine. Not only that, but Steve personally delivered the Allinone since we live not too far from each other. Talk about great customer service! And Steve has called me several times to make sure everything is working and that I don’t have any questions. I have only used the Allinone pump three or four times since I got it last week and it worked flawlessly. I plan on getting the filter system to attach to it. I also bought the bottle filler adapter and I look forward to bottling my wine. If you’re thinking about this system, I highly recommend it as it is really a cost effective way to rack, degas and bottle your wine.

  136. Harry O

    Just wanted to do a quick review of the pump now that I’ve had it for several months. AWESOME! I couldn’t imagine living without it now. The simplicity, not having to move the carboy being emptied at racking (causing the sediment to move), the ease of bottling all the wine at the same level, and the auto degassing at racking are all awesome. But, the real treat is how Steve the owner has been the biggest champion of customer service I have ever experienced! From my original order to resolving a couple of breakage issues (my own fault), Steve has been quick to respond and has gone above and beyond what I would expect.

    Thanks again!

  137. The Corkery

    Can’t live without it. It’s that simple. It gets used every single day for probably four types of use. I honestly can’t imagine how a wine making shop gets by degassing the old fashioned way with a stick (I’ve seen some do it and now, I just shake my head). Steve’s been great to deal with too, me being in Canada, he takes time to call me up and go through tips and advice on the product which let’s face it, is a rare thing these days. I appreciate it when a business owner has the same view of customer service as I do. ordering another just to have as a backup because I seriously can’t be without this thing for any amount of time, it’s that important to my business.

  138. Robert Rosser

    Recently bought the wine pump and I am amazed as to how easy and efficient that it works. Also was shorted one item in the pump kit I ordered and left an email on website and Steve called me within 15 minutes of the email on a Sunday night at 10pm. I was really impressed with the service and how quickly he responded to my needs. I give him 5 stars for good products and customer service. This is how you build a business.

  139. P.S.


    This is a truly amazing product with truly exceptional customer service!

    Several weeks ago, late on a Friday, I found myself in a difficult situation. As an inexperienced winemaker, I had pressed my wine into a large tank and realized there was no way I was going to be able to rack off the gross lees in a few days or siphon by gravity. There was no way I was lifting this tank full of at least 25 Gallons of wine. I began to search for a solution. It was around 9:30pm Friday night and I was reading WMT and investigating the All In One Wine Pump pump. I went to the All In One Wine Pump website and described my situation in the contact us section. It seemed like a good fit for me, but clearly on a Friday night the earliest I could expect to hear from someone from the company would be Monday. I proceeded to try to get as much info as I could. I started to watch the video where Steve describes the product. Approximately 30 seconds into the video, my phone rings. It was Steve. Late Friday night he called and spent around 30 minutes describing advantages/ disadvantages of using his product in my situation. He called instantly! He offered solutions and situations where I wouldn’t need it as well—he was offering genuine winemaking advice without necessarily trying to push his product. However, it was clear by the end of the discussion that his product fit all my needs and was capable of so much more. He said he would send it out first thing in the morning and I would get it late next week. I sheepishly explained how I really wanted it by Tuesday so I could rack off the gross lees. He made it happen. At no additional cost. Amazing. Even more amazing was how timely it arrived on Tuesday, how perfectly packaged it was, and how he answered my phone call immediately to walk me through every step of setup and implementation! It sure was easy to use! And It worked beautifully! I quickly racked into carboys off the gross lees. For my first time with a large volume of wine— it was effortless! No lifting, quick and effortless! For the first time I would actually describe racking as fun! And to think I can now filter and bottle with this with similar ease, I am amazed at what I can do for such an affordable price! I can’t wait to perform these other tasks with the All In One Wine Pump!

    Thanks Steve for the product and truly amazing customer service!!!

  140. Nancy S (verified owner)

    This is the BEST investment I made for bottling wine! It made the job so much easier and no more lifting heavy carboys! We used this tonight for the first time and what a difference in getting the job done! This pump is fantastic! Thank you Steve and thanks for all your help too!

  141. Marty

    “I have been making wine for fourteen years now and have just started using the All In One Wine Pump. It makes Racking, Degassing and Filtering so much easier. As I get older, picking up 6 gallon Carboys is getting harder. Using the All in One Pump really takes the strain off the back muscles and joints. The pump is also very quiet and everything runs really smooth. It is very easy to operate and learning to properly attach hoses and fittings is a piece of cake. The manual is easy to understand and is quite helpful. I wish I had been using the All In One Wine Pump years ago. Definitely worth the price.

  142. Randal

    The All In One Wine Pump works great. Makes racking and bottling a breeze. And the customer service is outstanding. Steve will call you and walk you through the process. You can tell how passionate he is about winemaking and truly wants you to get the most out of the pump.

  143. John King

    As I live in the UK and our electricity is different (240-250V / 50hz) I was in two minds whether to order the All in One Wine Pump – but I’m so glad I did!

    I received it within a couple of weeks including customs clearance, and postage, VAT etc wasn’t as bad as I expected.

    Nicely packaged, and easy to assemble with colour coded markings to help you get it right.

    I bottled 2 x 23L kit whites yesterday. First impressions? Amazing!

    I’ve never filled my bottles so quickly or spilt so little – my missus couldn’t believe that I’d been bottling.

    Easy to setup and clean, I can’t wait to use it to filter, rack and degass!

    Once you’ve tried one you won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things. If you make wine and don’t have one then it’s an essential investment.

    If you live in a 240V country like me you just need a step-down transformer which can be found on Ebay.

    Many thanks to Steve for creating such a brilliant product and giving such a high level of service!

  144. Michael C

    My older brother has been making wine for over 6 years and he introduced me to wine making 3 years ago. I had just returned from a trip to Italy and I thought it would be a good time to make some Italian wine from the year we visited. It was fun in the beginning, but the novelty quickly wore off when I had to degas for the first time, it was at this time I swore I would never make wine again! For the life of me, I could not see why my brother would go through all this trouble. After one more degasing and having the wand break forcing me to google and find the “plastic hanger solution”, I was at wits end and ready to just finally give up – literally throw it out! Like giving birth (not that I have any experience at that), passing time has a way of letting you forget terrible moments. I began to think “this is not so bad”, that is until I had to bottle! One more promise to myself to never make wine again. I was done, done, done and somehow my brother convinced me to join the McHenry-County-Corkers wine club and try one more time with the Chilean buckets of wine juice. Believe me, I was not looking forward to this process ever again. However, at the McHenry-County-Corkers gathering I met Steve (and his son) from AllInOneWinePump and they demonstrated the ease of racking and bottling using his pump; so I bought one. I can say with complete honesty, if not for the AllInOneWinePump I would not be making wine today; now I actually look forward to it. Since that time, my two brothers, nephew, and brother-in-law each bought their own pumps after seeing how well mine worked. Steve is a stand-up guy and he backs his product 100%, he goes above and beyond!

  145. Laurence

    I have been making my own wine for about 40 years. But, now at the age of 90, with a hip replacement and both knees replaced as well, I was finding the full carboys a bit difficult to lift. To eliminate the need for raising the wine for transferring or bottling, the All In One Wine Pump seemed like the perfect solution. However, not having a full understanding of the vacuum principle involved, I was somewhat confused by the various hoses and bungs.
    I emailed Steve for help and he replied by phone within minutes!
    Further hindered by my hearing impairment, Steve’s efforts to talk me through the process was a challenge. (At times it must have sounded like that famous Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s On First?) However, with his patience and good humor, my questions were all answered and the All In One Wine Pump is working like a charm. It’s a cleverly-designed, neat and light little unit and I can highly recommend both the product and the great service. Cheers!

    – Laurence Wayman, Qualicum Beach, BC (Canada)

  146. Tom

    I originally purchased the All in One Wine Pump (AIO) several years ago after researching many solutions to help me not only get away from picking up heavy carboys, but to make the bottling process easier as well, having suffered a back injury years ago I needed a solution that would allow me to make wine without the pain associated with lifting heavy carboys, and standing for long periods of time
    The All in One Pump got great reviews from everyone that posted about it on several different wine making forums so I decided to give it a chance.

    I received my All in One Wine Pump as a Christmas present from my in-laws, and to my surprise, they ordered me a whole house filter set up as well.

    My first experience dealing with the AIO customer service was on that same Christmas day, I had posted on one of the wine making forums that I was having a little trouble understanding how to set up the whole house filter attachment; within an hour I received a private message from Steve, the President and manufacturer of the AIO asking for my phone number, he mentioned that he would call me and walk me through it, but never did I imagine that Steve would call me on Christmas day taking time away from his family and holiday celebrations to make sure that I would be able to use the AIO correctly, this was above and beyond any customer service that I had ever dealt with, but in time, I came to realize that this is how Steve runs his company.

    As I increased the volume of wine that I made, the AIO became an essential “tool” for me, I would not make as much as I do without it, the ease and speed in which I could rack, degas, filter, and bottle.

    One day I contacted Steve to ask him if he would consider designing attachments for bottling beer, he chuckled and told me that he had them in stock, I ordered one and couldn’t be happier!
    What use to take me hrs to bottle now takes me a fraction of the time; I use the racking attachment and the whole house filter attachment as well.
    Steve even designed racking attachments to fit the various sized oak barrels that I have. One thing that I’ve learned over the years, if you can explain it to Steve, he’ll design it!

    A year and a half ago, I experienced some life changing health issues, I really thought that my wine and home brewing days were over, I was extremely excited when I realized that I could rack, degas, filter, and bottle while sitting down thanks to the AIO, being disabled no longer means that you can’t enjoy wine making.

    The AIO has literally become one of the best purchases that I’ve made, some seasons I “push the envelope” with the volume that I make, but the AIO has been going strong without a hiccup, I cannot recommend the AIO enough!

    Tom – New York.

  147. Mike

    I recently bought the All-In-One-Wine-Pump after hurting my back various times lifting heavy carboys. I’ve now used it on two occasions and I am very pleased with its operation and how well it works. I especially like the vacuum transfer which minimizes air entry into the wine. Many of the limitations of all the other available pumping systems are that they’re good for transfers but cannot fill bottles. The All-In-One-Wine-Pump does well with both of and I recommended to all winemakers.

  148. Mark (verified owner)

    I’m new at this wine thing, but a quick observation. In several 5 gallon batches (a DB, a pear and a grape juice), I was de-gassing with the Vacu-Vin. What a PITA. I had my son work it a lot, but even he (who has infinite patience) got annoyed and tired.

    So I bought a brake bleeder.

    Before I even got the brake bleeder set up, I racked the batches with my All-In-One wine pump. I had read that this would have the side-effect of de-gassing, but I was seriously skeptical of that. I bought the thing to make it easier to rack and bottle, without considering the de-gassing.

    I thought I had these wines pretty much de-gassed. When I racked them over with the AIO, wow… a ton of foam. On one, about a third of a carboy of foam worked up as it racked in. Obviously, the Vacu-Vin didn’t complete the job, or even get close? In subsequent and additional rackings, I have seen this even more. The AIO de-gasses your wines. In pretty much one fell swoop. While doing something else that you have to do anyway. Just like Steve says. Amazing!


  149. Michael Ventura

    We make 400L of wine per year and have used the pump for bottling and racking. Everything has worked superbly and Steve has been extremely responsive to our questions about using it for oak barrels and weird bung sizes.

    We initially were choosing between the all in one and the much more expensive enolmatic and have no regrets about our decision. Could not be happier with the performance of the pump.

  150. UBB

    Is anyone still on the fence about buying one of these? If you are, you’re cray-cray

    I did a marathon racking, de-gassing, filtering and bottling session yesterday. Transferred easily over 130 gallons. Filtered and bottled up 182 bottles of various wines all while using the ALLINONE. I’ve commented in this thread a few times as I also have an older version bought with the orange rubber cap. The ALLINONE has been worth every single penny. I just need Steve to come out with a bigger version now that my grapes are producing and my batch size is going to increase dramatically!

  151. Corinth

    Hi steve,
    I had a feeling that you spent some big bucks on the web design-It is not cheap.
    POINT: I know it is mentioned in your web but I think it is important to underscore or however you want to add the important point that for those who have back or muscle issues which can limit them or dissuade them from home wine making–your AIO is the “ONLY” (?) product on the market that addresses those issues. I know this for a fact!

  152. Gina

    As a known penny-pinch, I was a little bit nervous about spending the money on the AIO and the filter set-up, even though the price is comparable or lower than other pump models available. After researching and speaking with Steve, I made my order with confidence.

    Racking time has been decreased tremendously, plus I don’t have to risk hurting myself or breaking a carboy because it needs to be lifted.

    Removing CO2 is so much simpler now that I can de-gas while racking. Bye-bye manual CO2 removal!

    Having the ability to filter quickly during racking has amazed me. My wines are now absolutely crystal clear.

    Bottling time has drastically fallen and the AIO allows a perfect level on every bottle every time.

    In addition, Steve’s customer service is TOP-NOTCH! We’ve spoken a few times and his support is above and beyond excellent.

    I love my AIO, and highly recommend it to any home wine maker.

  153. VicF

    Call it the Allinwonder pump! It has made wine making sooo easy. Racking, degassing, filtering and bottling go so smoothly and quickly. I think I’ll give away my auto-siphon.
    And Steve is so helpful. He really cares that you enjoy using the Allinone. His customer service excels, also. When he learned we lived just 10 miles apart, he insisted on saving me the shipping charges and delivered the pump personally.
    This is a must have tool for any wine maker.

  154. Pghfett

    My Allinone arrived safe and sound today.

    Where do I start….

    Packaging was very nice with super fast delivery (it is the holidays folks). Got here in like three days tops.

    Delivered On:
    Friday, 12/06/2013 at 11:42 A.M.
    Left At:

    I quite literally just racked 5 gallons of Cyser, cleaned up all of my equipment then sat down to write this reply and it’s 02:43pm – that is how outstanding and simple this system is !!!! This time also includes sanitizing all my equipment, prepping my five Gallon carboy with the ingredients I wanted to rack onto prior to transfer and unboxing and reading the instructions

    Perfect and simple to follow instructions with illustrations. I had no problems hooking everything up and let me tell ya folks, I am about as inexperienced a wine/mead maker you can get.

    This pump is easily the best purchase I’ve made equipment wise for my mead making set up. Hands down, no dispute, no arguing and no debate.

    It’s hard enough waiting for my mead to age prior to partaking, now I can’t wait to bottle and rack as well.

    If you don’t own one of these and can scrape up the money to pick one up, you will not be disappointed.

    Put my name in the hat for the Allinone #1 ROOKIE fan
    Pghfett 12-6-13

  155. ScottyB

    The All-In-One is the Best! I received this as a gift from my wife. This is one of the best gifts I could have gotten. I am very new to home wine making and absolutely love the all in one wine pump. It was very easy to setup and use. My first bottling experience was great as well as racking and degassing. This is a great tool for the home wine maker and makes it much easier and does away with the heavy lifting. Steve was very helpful and timely in answering questions.

  156. dangerdave

    Steve asked me on the phone the other day just how many gallons of wine I have bottled using the Allinonewinepump. I had to refer to my wine log for the answer. I have used the pump ruthlessly for almost a year and a half now, and have transfered more than 1500 gallons during racking and degassing proceedures. The total finished bottles totals about the same number: around 1500 bottles filled with a single Allinonewinepump.

    So, those of you who have recently purchased Steve’s pump—or are thinking of taking the plunge—can be assured that the vacuum pump is tough enough for years of labor-free wine making.

    Thanks again, Steve!!!

  157. ShelleyDickison

    So I have now been using the All in One Pump for about 4 months now. I can honestly say there is not a more important tool in my wine making supplies as this….with the exception of the hydrometer. I have used it for racking, degassing and bottling about a dozen times now and I have had no problems at all. The chore of lifting and moving full carboys was so painful that I was thinking I would have to actually give up making wine because I physically couldn’t do it unless there was someone here to help. The AIO has definitely saved me from having to give up something I have come to love to do and knowing my husband is now relieved that I no longer am trying to lift things when he is gone is worth the price tenfold. I just want to say Thank You for making such a gift to the wine making community. To everyone who doesn’t have one or is thinking about getting one but are on the fence about it…just do it. After you get it and use it just one time you will wonder why you hesitated at all.

  158. AJ-123

    I’ve had the AllInOneWinePump for two months now. I have yet to bottle with it, but have done @ a dozen rackings. I got it primarily to assist with degassing once I tried vaccuum degassing by hand and saw how a) amazingly effective it is and b) it takes forever and your hand about falls off by time the gas level starts to reduce.

    This is a fantastic product for racking wine (or beer):

    *DEGAS HEAVEN. Each time you rerack, you remove about 1/3 of the total gas in the solution (that’s Steve’s estimate — I’d say at least a half some times), so once you’ve re-racked a batch a few times, you have dramatically reduced gas — MORE THAN YOU EVER COULD with that d*mn drill tool and more than you could with hand vaccuum pump, each of which I’ve tried several times. Seeing the Allinonewinepump generate a huge layer of bubbles on top of the wine in the target carboy is worth the purchase price alone. And THAT was in batches that I had presumably degassed using normal methods!
    *REDUCE OXIDATION THREAT. There is a near vaccuum in the target carboy (above your splashing wine coming into the carboy) so oxidation threat is much much less. I know that I have and other winemakers have racked less often because they worry about oxidation — AllInOneWinePump resolves that dilemma.
    *CLEAN RACKING. You disturb the lees/silt/sediment less.
    *EASY. The only work is sanitizing your equipment, cleaning out the previous carboy when rackings done, then cleaning your equipment after. I don’t have to lift full carboys up to prepare them for racking.
    *SIMPLE. O.k. I am mechanically/household/repair challenged. I messed up my setup the second time and emailed Steve — he was on the phone to me in minutes with the correction — which subsequently was perfectly clear when I rewatched the video. Everything you need to use comes as one system already assembled!!!! (If there’s any complaint, I wouldn’t mind a very clear schematic with every single item clearly labeled and how it all fits together for racking and then for bottling — I didn’t take my system apart when I cleaned the first few times, because I wasn’t sure about plugging it all back together again.
    *SUPPORT. This may be the best support of any gadget I’ve ever bought. I’ve emailed Steve three times with a question or issue and he was on the phone to me each time within a minute or two with the solution and hints from the various ways people use the product.
    *GOOD PRICE POINT. During time of search for this product, I went to my local (very good) home winemaker store and said what do you have for a pump system that also degasses? and their solution was a $600 system that would do less than AllInOneWinePump (albeit with maybe a more powerful pump and potential filter setup).

    I keep my carboys on the floor of our unused bathroom (read Dad’s bathroom). When it’s time to rack, I slide the existing carboy over to the counter; put a clean carboy on top of the counter and hook it all up (usually adding a tiny calculated touch of metabisulphite for the aging batches) and two minutes later done, degassed, and minimized exposure to air — all that’s left is deciding how to top up. Then I LOWER the new carboy DOWN to the floor where it stays for another 30-90 days. Much less strain on the back. I have a theory that the vaccuum is slightly greater when you rack up 3-4 feet to the target carboy, rather than two carboys side by side, but that may just be my imagination — Steve reports that you can rack UP to a target carboy 10-20 feet above the starting carboy.

    It’s also supremely easy to deal with carboy proliferation when a single batch goes into a carboy and a bottle or a carboy and a half gallon carboy as amounts and top off dictate. Then it’s also easy to take a scattered batch in several carboys/bottles and rerack up to a large carboy. (I always leave the bulk-aging wine/beer in topped off carboys/bottles with airlock with supercheap vodka as the liquid.)

    AllInOneWinePump is an essential tool that I would recommend to every home winemaker (or beermaker). Racking and degassing alone justify the purchase price.

    Throw away your autosiphon… Throw away your drill-based degassing flapper rod… Throw away your hand vaccuum pump… Use less metabisulphite… with AllInOneWinePump.

  159. Sara

    I also own an All-in-One Wine Pump and LOVE IT! Steve is great to talk to and very thorough. I considered his product for quite a while before I bought it. He and I chatted off/on about recommendations I had–and he included many of them..especially concerning his website.
    He was beneficial in making sure I had everything connected properly..being I am not the most mechanically inclined individual. I mean I can connect suction setup for a patient with chest tubes, but ask me to do it for my wines and I get all googly-eyed!
    I have racked, degassed and bottled. Now that I have my “household” filter system setup, I will be filtering with my next bottling run. SO very simple. And for a female who makes wine on her own, and has had neck and back surgery—the All In One makes my life so much easier.
    I encourage you to take the plunge and purchase the product. Steve is just an email and/or phone call away. There is no gimmick. This is what he does.

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