Wine Filter Setup

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Filtering your wine using the All in one wine pump

We recommend the following items for your vacuum wine pump filter setup. These items are also recommended by the manufacturer for wine filtration:

Shopping Cart Total for all Filter setup from Servapure is $27.72 without shipping as of 1-14-2021

All wine pump packages include an additional 5 feet of racking hose and 2 - Barb Fittings for the filter housing.

All items can be found at except for the barb connectors, and the additional racking hose which I do sell them on my accessory page, if you can not find them locally.

I highly recommend using the precision vacuum valve ( )  It will make your wine go slower thru the filter - in effect getting better filtration thru the cartridge filter and no more pulling of unwanted air from possible leaks.

It has been recommended to definitely mount the housing to something solid in order to properly tighten it down.It is also helpful to keep the filter housing below of the receiving carboy while filtering.

For those looking to ship to Canada - please check this out  =

Canada filter Parts

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Filtering your wine using the All in one wine pump

Filtering wine using the All In One Wine Pump has never been easier!

wine filtering

All you have to do is add the filter between the racking hose .Just order the deluxe package as it will come with 5 feet of vacuum resistant hose, and the barbs that will fit the recommended filter housing and filters from Servapure and the degassing cane

I do not sell the filters as I would have to markup the value because of double shipping and handling fees,

I recommend the use of the filters as a 1 time use. What I mean by that is as long as it is being used in the same day it should be fine. I do not save this filter for later use as it can develop problems down the road and ruin the entire batch of wine and for the cost of the filter (3 dollars) it is not worth it. The filter should be able to filter approx 100 gallons of wine (all depending on filtration )  It is always recommended to polish your wines after you are able to read a newspaper thru the carboy.

A 5 micron filter is recommended for reds and heavy bodied wines.

A 1 micron filter is recommended for whites and your lighter fruit wines including your skeeter pee wines.

You don’t have to mount the housing if you just want to leave it upright while filtering. Once done racking – remove the hose from the racking tube and lift the filter and turn it upside down. This process will empty all the excess wine in your filter housing while it is being filtered.

I recommended indexing your filter housing – Why ?   So you will know how much you need to tighten the filter housing to make a proper seal.

First tighten housing without filter (good hand strength only ) then take a paint marker or a sharpie and draw a index line on the upper and lower portion of the housing. You now have a reference point once you install your filter to know how tight you are going have to tighten in order to get a proper seal.

I do not recommend filtering and bottling at the same time. You want continuous flow thru the filter element in order to get proper filtration and bottling in the process will not let you do that.

  • Next index your housing top and bottom after hand tight (with a marker or paint pen - see above post for pics at this time ) Install filter until the index marks align up properly. That will tell you that your housing to O ring is properly sealed.
  • photo [400x300]

The 2nd picture shows a P5 filter that is tightened with wrench ( notice the index marks )

photo (2) [400x300]

Orders outside of the continental US- Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will require additional shipping charges.

9 reviews for Wine Filter Setup

  1. Eric

    I bought the All in One Wine Pump several months ago and after a bit of trial and error, due to my inexperience, I have have experienced nothing but success with it. I ordered some accessories for plastic bottles with it and received the wrong parts. I called and Steve answered and not only rectified the issue immediately but also answered a number of questions I had. I have to tell you that it was late afternoon and not only did he not rush me through my questions but seemed pretty happy to talk about whatever I wanted to as if he had all the time in the world. Not just kick-ass customer service but a killer product that! Thanks again Steve!


    Just finished ordering a wine filter kit for my All in One wine pump. Looking forward to seeing elimination of sediment and also the staining on the bottles of some red wines. Love my wine pump as it has eliminated the need to do any carboy lifting.

  3. Craig Mason

    Got it all set up and today fired it up. I am very impressed, 9 carboys on one filter, filter cost is about $5 per filter. Using the filter setup recommended here was an absolutely wonderful experience, from startup to clean up it was probably an hour, maybe a little bit more. The wines came out very sparkling into the receiving carboys. My wife says it was a worthwhile investment and that’s the best thing in the world. It certainly was easier than the previous way we filtered, which was a gravity fed system, changing the filter out every three carboys. Cost of the filter was approximately the same. So since this did three times as many carboys, the filters were a third of the cost.

  4. Mike

    After reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try. I thought I’d be smart and mix my order to save a couple of dollars and be able to do more things. I placed my order and within 30 minutes had a call From Steve. He talked me through a few things and we went with the Deluxe Unit. I have only racked/degased once and have played with water trying to bottle. The unit works Great!!! This unit is a must have if your up in years or have a lifting problem. Thanks Steve for being there.

  5. Richmke

    I have my own pump with Steve’s tubing. I am currently making a batch of Skeeter Pee, and I must has transferred at least 10 times back an forth, including shaking the receiving carboy, before it stopped foaming in a significant amount. Steve called and asked the rating on the pump. I have to look it up, but it may not be as powerful as the AIO, so may pull a lower vacuum during transfer, and thus not degass as fast as the AIO.

  6. Rocky

    You know Guys and Gals, I have been reading the rave reviews for the All in One Pump over the past years and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Because I had a pump, I only ordered the ancillary pieces, e.g. the two-hole stopper, the relief valve, tubing, etc., for bottling. I hooked it all up and several attempts to bottle left me “underwhelmed” by the product. I put it in a drawer and returned to using a siphon and gravity. Labor intensive, back breaking and slow as it was, at least I could get the job done. Still, in the back of my mind was the nagging question, “Why is everybody so crazy about this thing and why do I think it is at best, so-so?” I dug it out of the drawer, tried it again with the same results and was about to deep six it when I thought, “Why not contact Steve (hereafter known in my house as Job) and see if he has any insight?”

    It took a couple of phone calls to diagnose and isolate the problem and Steve hung in there. After several conversations, we found that Steve was to blame. He should not sell his product to idiots! Yes, I had the relief valve on the liquid side and not on the vacuum side as the process design calls for. Today I rectified the assembly and bottled a 6.5 gallon carboy in about a half hour, start to finish including installing the corks. I am now officially a rabid fan of the system and I give it my highest recommendation to any home wine maker. You will save yourself so much time and trouble, not to mention your sanity, by using the system.

    Lastly, no recommendation of this product would be complete without recognition of the man behind the product, Steve. He took on my issue as though it was his problem and never quit until we reached a resolution. A great product is one thing and there are many out there. Superior customer service is much more rare and is a treasure when you find it. Put this on your wish list, birthday list or Christmas list, but get one!

  7. Earl So Far

    Now your offering the 1/4 NPT to a 3/8 barb after I ran all over Toledo and finding only brass. I did go to Ace hardware to get their last two.
    Seriously steve, You customer service is excellent and continues to get even better.
    By the way after two bottlings, two clearings, 8 rackings the allinone is fantastic. Clearing a wine is so much quicker when it is degassed properly. It should have been my first major equipment purchase. Oh well live and learn.

  8. dinolan

    I ordered the bottling setup from Steve 2 weeks ago and got the goods just a couple days later. I just had the opportunity to give it a test ride today. I was a little concerned about what I thought was the lack of detailed directions for bottling using my own Wade-bought pump. But on the phone Steve made it sound simple. And it was. It’s very intuitive to use, and it fills quickly with virtually nothing going to the overflow container. I’ve got 15 gals. ready for bottling, and I’m actually looking forward to doing it now. Thanks Steve

  9. jrd5173

    I just received my bottling accessory from Steve and WOW! After a few practice rounds with an empty bottle and my carboy with water, it was a breeze! Can’t wait to bottle my next batch in a few more days. A true time saver and with no mess. Steve you have created a great product and I wish you continued success!!!

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